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types of lingerie

Proper fitted lingerie gives a comfortable and confident feeling when worn. Different types of lingerie are sold by the online stores in the best prices.

Lingerie is a type of woman’s clothing that can be worn as undergarments and even as swimsuits, in a gym or as a nightwear. The exact choice of the outfit is often motivated by the intention to entail the apparels.

These types of garments are generally made up of light-weighted, stretchy, sheer and smooth fabrics like satin, silk, chiffon, lace, cotton or some kind of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester.

Lingerie decides whether a woman feels hot or comfy. Picking up the correct size and style which will complement the mood and accentuate the curves of a woman can make a difference in this case. The world of lingerie is perplexing with overabundance of choices to pick from.

Prior to jumping into the well make sure to know the profundity. When it is the time to buy the appropriate lingerie, most of the women get confused and puzzled about which one to opt for.

Lingerie is not only about laces and frills, but also about comfort. The selected lingerie must create a good feeling from inside when worn as a simple thong or as a complete costume.

There are so many types of lingerie that can be checked out according to categories in the online stores and can be purchased. Some of these are :-
  1. Chemises : These are simple looking nightgowns which are a bit short in length, silky and perfectly fit a woman’s body. The length of the chemise may vary, some of the pieces end just below the bum whereas the others may be of knee length. It has thin spaghetti-like straps which are amendable and give out the sexy and elegant look.
  2. Camisole : A camisole is nothing but a short and sleeveless with waist-length vest which can be worn as a slip or as a loose-fitted top with a pair of matching panties. It can also be cropped to expose the midriff or a slightly lengthy variation depending on the requirement. A camisole is considered as a worthy addition of a woman’s wardrobe.
  3. BabyDoll : This is surely the most tempting and the hottest lingerie to poise the closet of a woman. Babydolls are very short and delicate negligees or nightgowns which include bra-like cups. These are soft and absolutely flirtatious. Babydolls are generally made of sheer, silk or nylon. These sensuous garments give a nice exposure to breasts and legs. A babydoll is paired with matching panties.
  4. Bustier : It looks like a well-fitted top or a strapless bra that is extended up to the waist and gets fastened at the back with an impression of deeper cleavage and fuller bust. It pushes up till the bust and clings up to the midriff. Usually made up of silk or any other smooth and sleek fabric. It can be paired up with or without panties. Bustier looks amazing with a denim wear or an evening dress.
  5. Garter Belt : This is worn on the skin around the waist with attachment of high-thighs and stockings.

Explore the online stores to check out the most sensuous collections and buy lingerie India in the lowest prices.

Along with the hot lingerie there are some simple nightwear collections also which serve the purpose of giving comfort like nightgowns and night suits. A nightgown is one of the most common forms of sleepwear. These types are found with or without sleeves.

A nigh suit has two parts, a shirt like upper garment paired up with a loose fitted trouser or a pyjama. Both these types are made up of fabrics like satin, silk or cotton.

Size and length variation is also found. The assortment of night suits India is vast and varied in terms of fabrics, sizes, colours and prices.