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What are Some of the Biggest Lingerie Trends of the Last Decade?

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If you are to look back at the last decade, you will be surprised to see how the fashion industry has evolved over the course of time. With the growing competition from the market, lingerie companies have been forced to launch new styles o innerwear, catering to the comfort and necessity of the women folk. Today, when one buys from online lingerie shop India, they look for products that make them feel good as well encompasses all forms of sex appeal. The loud message is one of “body positivity”. Continue reading What are Some of the Biggest Lingerie Trends of the Last Decade?

5 Common Bra Mistakes that Women Make While Buying Lingerie Online

We often make a lot of mistakes while going for online bra shopping in India and repent later. Below mentioned are a few of them that one can try avoiding later.

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Do you feel a lot of discomfort while wearing bras? Often when women feel uncomfortable while wearing an undergarment, they immediately start blaming the lingerie item. Continue reading 5 Common Bra Mistakes that Women Make While Buying Lingerie Online

How to Buy Comfortable Panties Online in India

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Online stores are often the best one-stop-shop destination because of the various range of lingerie that they sell. With a wide range of colour, size, and style, they always cater to the specific needs of the customers. You can also buy the latest trends of panties online as compared to physical stores which sell only a limited stock. Shopping is therefore made easier and convenient.

But, as buyers, you need to keep a few points in mind while making a purchase online-

# Do you own company research

Before you buy undergarments online, conduct extensive research about the store from where you are making a purchase. This is necessary because nowadays many websites are carrying out fraud businesses. If the website/seller asks for certain personal information, it is probably a scam. Try to avoid any such hassle.

# Search for the best fit

Shopping panties online can be a bit confusing since you are unable to inspect the quality of the product as well as physically try them on. Although online lingerie shopping gives you access to an extensive variety of items, choosing the correct lingerie makes it worth spending your money in. Online stores will offer you a lot of sizes, shapes, and designs. So, go through the size panel properly before you make a buy. Do not go by mere assumptions. Always take your correct measurements and consider which ‘kind’ will make you the most comfortable in. Continue reading How to Buy Comfortable Panties Online in India

Things to Know about Men’s Underwear

Yes, you can turn your women on with your lingerie.But buyers, be cautious, there are some severe dos and don’ts when it comes to underwear and what kind of under things you’re putting on.There are so many questions about lingerie for men.
You don’t have to be a specialist while getting underwear for yourself.Just have some basic idea and do know that there are various types of lingerie available for men and not similar for everyone.For instance one might like wearing boxers most of the times and another person might like briefs.

Let me assist you all about lingerie in a short description.

Boxer Shorts:

Boxer shorts are the most common among all and these are the most comfortable ones.Boxer shorts come in an elastic waist, baggy leg just above the knee. Over the years boxers have generated various subtypes.
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Briefs are much more tight fitting underwear which has been in admired from a very long time. Especially men of sporting persuasion and athletes prefer briefs for extra support and comfort.Briefs come in cotton or more stretchable fabrics, have no legs, and have extra fabric/material in front for the male’s bulge. Mens Underwear


Trunk is smaller and more revealing than boxer briefs.Trunks can be loose-fitting or tight, specially worn for sports, boxing, and swimming.

Boxer Briefs:

One of the most favorable types of lingerie is boxer briefs.Boxer briefs come with a longer leg like boxer shorts and the tight fitting nature of brief.Boxer briefs are perfect for those men who are into physical activities as well.According to women, boxer briefs are most appealing type of lingerie for men.

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Perk It Up Again – Add Spark to Your Old Marriage with the Tips

After spending years together the life becomes monotonous and boring.Regular running around and doing regular chores make you forget about the love, passion and emotion that you used to spend together.

The burning passion that used to light up your bedroom once is now dying out.But to keep it burning still you need to lit up the flames again.

bar_refaeli_on_bed_lingerie_14115You often may feel that there is no need to rediscover the old romance that once bonded you together. But it is that spark that will keep you young from heart when you age.You must be wondering what can be the ways to do that.

Take a look.

Give a Personal Touch


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Nothing can win heart the way a personal gift does. You can buy a costly gift but it cannot give the happiness of a gift with personal touch can give you. Pick a bottle of wine and hand paint it in a way that will make your spouse remember of some special moments.

Add up a sexy piece of lingerie to her collection that she will treasure since you gifted her. Start his day with a personal note expressing your love for him.

Small Gestures make Big ImpactCapture

It is the smallest gestures that make big impacts.Sending flower during the day, cooking the dishes that is his favorite, appreciating the music that your spouse love are enough to make them believe that you still care.It also shows your spontaneity and the still alive passion.

Show off a Little

Showing off is not at all a bad thing now.Add sparks to the night of passion.Shop for the sexy lingerie online and surprise your partner with your rediscovered sexier charm and spend the night that he will never forget.

Perking up the old bond can make your romance more adventurous and make the bond stronger.


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5 Tips to Buy Lingerie Online

We all know that happiness is comfortable lingerie.However, lingerie shopping might be a frightening experience for anyone.Buying lingerie online can be practical for most of the women and indeed it takes less of a time.

geaimages.comNow I’m going to discuss a few tips to follow while buying lingerie online.

Know your needs:

Bras, camisoles, panties, and a good quality shape wear, these are necessary things for a woman’s complete wardrobe.Your basic clothing style will be enhanced if you own good quality lingerie.

For example,if you want to wear a tight fitting tee or top, a seamless, well supported full coverage t-shirt bra is more comfortable option.

Don’t expect to get the same colour or size:

You must be aware of the fact that, lingerie size varies as per the brand. Make sure the online lingerie store is providing a bra size calculator; so that you can understand what size suits you the most.
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Ill fitted lingerie can make you feel bad and uncomfortable.Follow the size charts, talk to the bra fitting advisors before jumping onto any conclusion.Don’t be afraid to try new colors, designs and patterns.Capture

Consider material & laundry option:

Before purchasing know the fabric of the lingerie and buy that which suits you.As many lingerie such as padded bras, molded cup bras are supposed to be hand washed due to their elegant structure, read thoroughly the wash care to avoid any inconvenience.

Pay money for bulk:

Purchasing lingerie in bulk is always a good idea. Usually several sites offer massive discount on bulk purchase.

Know the websites/online store’s return/exchange policy:

Make sure the online store or website has a proper return & exchange policy in advance.You might have to return products because of sizing issue and others.Be absolutely careful while purchasing as several sites don’t provide any exchange/return procedure in this intimate wear category because of hygiene issues.

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