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The Various Procedures Of Bra Size Calculator

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Calculating bra size has become a big problem for women. The following blog discusses bra size calculator introduced by La lingerie which is a remedy for the problem

Simple yet embarrassing problems in one’s life can become a cause of great worry if not dealt properly. One such problem for women, especially in our country which is sadly still conservative, is measuring their own bra size. The bra is a very important undergarment for women of all age groups. The wrongly fitted bra can become a cause of utter discomfort and trouble all day. For working women and school-going girls, it can hamper their work to a great extent. Work performance coming down due to ill-fitted bras are absolutely not acceptable. But as we all know that whenever there is a problem there is always a solution. So for this problem, the perfect solution is the perfect bra size calculator in india. Continue reading The Various Procedures Of Bra Size Calculator

Let us Bust Some Popularly Believed Lingerie Myths

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Yes, we humans have managed to create some illogical myths regarding lingerie too. Surprising isn’t it? Lingerie myths have existed for over many generations now, steeped in their own saga. However, in this age of checking facts, it is our duty to let you know that these sayings are as irrational and unreasonable as they sound. Continue reading Let us Bust Some Popularly Believed Lingerie Myths

Some Bra Fitting Hacks that Professional Experts Want you to Know

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The pleasure of every bra fitter comes from helping women find their right type of bra that truly fits them. This is a sheer moment of joy. However, this job also comes with a lot of extra challenges. Every day hundreds of women visit lingerie stores to buy innerwear where these professionals offer fitting solutions and new styles to the customers. Providing a seamless shopping experience is on the top of their priority list and they try everything to execute this job smoothly. Continue reading Some Bra Fitting Hacks that Professional Experts Want you to Know

Does Your Bra Give The Proper Fit? Explore The Keys.

The option of Online Bra Shopping in India must be done very carefully to get the right fitting bra and the right fabric in the right price in the market.

Almost every woman wear a bra daily. However, most of the women wear the wrong size. How can one tell that the bra she has bought from the range of Bra Online, fits her well? The breast tissues need to get the full support throughout the day. An ill-fitted bra may lead to different health problems as well. For example, the breast pain can take place if the bra is too loose or extremely tight. The breast droop may occur if the breasts are actually not held very firmly in the right places or positions even when the wearer is walking or running. The physical changes in the body of a woman may also affect the proper bra fit. The shape of a woman’s breasts may change over time. Continue reading Does Your Bra Give The Proper Fit? Explore The Keys.

The Bras That Are Worn For Fashion And Utmost Comfort.

Explore the online lingerie stores and pick your favorite Bra Online from the widest collection at the best prices without stepping out of your comfort zone.

The most significant part of a woman’s attire is her bra. While the other clothes can be sometimes replaced, compensated, and adjusted but the bra she is wearing has to be absolutely perfect. Right from the style to the fitting to the color, all the aspects of the bra contributes to the fashion and comfort. Right from when a girl hits puberty, it becomes essential to take proper care of the body. A teenager bra actually aids the growth, style, and even the health, ensuring the wearer is looking the way she wants to look like. The best option is to buy a Bra Online after exploring the plethora of choices offered online at modest prices. Continue reading The Bras That Are Worn For Fashion And Utmost Comfort.

Advantages Of Wearing The Best Quality Underwire Bras

There are lots of benefits of wearing underwire bras. Explore the Bra Online collection to browse through the widest and the sexiest array and embrace a few. The prices or such exclusive inner garments will never dig a hole in your pocket.

Most of the modern women have heard about the term ‘underwire bras’ but still many doesn’t even understand the vigor of using these kinds of bras. An underwire bra brings to the bosom of the wearers. These kinds of bras are a demanding choice for several reasons. An underwire Bra Online must be properly fitted one in order to make sure that the underwire is able to contour all the breast tissues of the wearer. This means right from under the arms to the cleavage portion. The bra must lay flat against the breastbone of the wearer without applying force on the breasts. Once the right fit is found, an underwire bra can take the breasts of the wearer to the newer levels of shape, support and lift. Continue reading Advantages Of Wearing The Best Quality Underwire Bras

Some Fascinating Facts About Different Types of Bras

Bras are worn by every woman every day. The collection of Bra Online is the widest in terms of colors, designs, features, strap styles, as well as price ranges.

From the sportswear to the bralettes, every pieces of Bra Online varies drastically across the online hubs. A few are meant to be visible and some are meant to be unseen. But all of them hold the most beautiful part of a woman’s body. One may not know some crazy facts about these intimate pieces. Some facts are collected and mentioned here. Continue reading Some Fascinating Facts About Different Types of Bras

Are Opting For Minimizer Bras Actually Worth It?


A look back at the evolution of the bras, let you have an idea about the exquisite front open bras that were adorned by the female masses in the past years. This form of bra was invented so as to add on to the convenience of wearing it. However, with the evolution of time and with the advent of exotic swimwear online, the world of lingerie did get to see an array of products being added to its collection.

Drawbacks of availing minimizers

Minimizers are primarily used for the purpose of bringing about a reduced look to your busts. It is mainly due to this that women with larger boobs opt for it as the best option. But when you try spending a certain amount of time pondering over the benefits that you get to avail, it is highly restricted to just reducing your breast size. However, this does come at a relevant cost. The prime way in which this shape reduction is done is by compressing the tissues of the breasts to a great extent, thus giving it a confined look and feel. This might in turn result in the damage of your breast tissues to a great extent. Continue reading Are Opting For Minimizer Bras Actually Worth It?

The History behind the Advent of Bras as an Exquisite Lingerie

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The evolution of a bra has been quite an interesting one if you take a detailed look at the entire event. In fact, bras have been a piece of apparel that has been a trendsetter for years now. They have evolved to become more than just a means to provide an apt shape to your body structure. When you purchase bra online, you come across the fact that they can easily be incorporated in your wardrobe not just a mere inner garment but a complete one like when you use it as a vest. Continue reading The History behind the Advent of Bras as an Exquisite Lingerie

Bras for Summer- Essential Factors Which You Must Know

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Summer is the time when every woman opts for some sheer tops, tank less tops, strapless dresses, halter tops, light tees. To get that desired look it is important that you pair up your dress with the perfect bra during summer months. Not only bra but actually it is important that you should always pair up the right types of lingerie to get that perfect look. Summer is the only time of the year when it becomes really important that you should feel comfortable wearing your lingerie as well as the outfit because of the extreme humidity and temperature that prevails. From a day in office, a party or a night out with your friends, there are some essential factors which you must consider to nail your summer look. Even you will find that in many online stores they are offering up to 70% off on some selected collection of bra during this time. Continue reading Bras for Summer- Essential Factors Which You Must Know

Reveal Sensuality – Hot Tips to Rock the Strapless Bra Look

Probably often you end up thinking why there is all the fuss around different types of bra when a simple seamless t-shirt bra can serve you best. But when you are eyeing that lustrous off shoulder gown in the fashion garment store you must be thanking your stars for buying the strapless bra last month from your favorite lingerie online store. You surely were thinking it was a waste of money but now you know it is not. Rather probably you are pondering over how to make the strapless look gorgeous.

If you are in such predicament you are absolutely at the right place. Take a look of the few tips that are surely going to help you. Continue reading Reveal Sensuality – Hot Tips to Rock the Strapless Bra Look

The Lingerie Tale of Every Transforming Closet

types of lingerieIt’s not that only an outer outfit will make a woman look ravishing because it is important that a woman feels comfortable from within in her lingerie. The lingerie must be worn in such a way that it matches up with your outfit. It will definitely be a disaster if a woman does not wear the right kind of lingerie with their outfit. Thus, it is much needed that every woman should keep different types of lingerie in their wardrobe. Among the range of lingerie, the most common are the bras, panties, and bikinis. But you can also lay your hand on various other lingerie style that compliments your body and you look bold and sexy indeed. Continue reading The Lingerie Tale of Every Transforming Closet

Style Your Wardrobe With A Plus Size Bra

A plus size bra is something which can give the right curve to your breasts and make you look elegant even if you are overweight. Moreover, there are many women who likes to wear plus size bras to suit their style quotient. Many plus size bras online shopping brands always advise that people should throw away the misconception that it not always means wearing a size D bra, the size rather varies from brands to brands. The brands make such kind of a bra that suits the bigger breasts very easily.

plus size bras online shopping

Tips to style your wardrobe with your plus size bra

Fashion critics always mentioned that it is not bad to grow healthy, but one can look disastrous if not paired up their dress with a right kind of bra. Continue reading Style Your Wardrobe With A Plus Size Bra

Curbing Your Lingerie Cravings from Monday to Friday

Do you consider the eccentric dress that you purchased the other day to be the only positive point that can help you add to the confidence and oomph factor that you have been desiring for? Well, in that case you do lag a bit behind in your knowledge to look your confident self via the usage of lingerie. The advent of sensuous lingerie of various types and kinds, lingerie stores have been witnessing a hike in not just their popularity, but their sale as well.

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A major portion of your day is spent within the premises of your office. In fact, an office is a place where your attire does the trick in revealing your personality out to your peer members and team mates. It is here that the apparel that you don underneath is what helps you get that statement look and feel all through the day. Selecting lingerie for work purpose is solely based on your personal requirements and the kind of dress that you choose to wear. The never ending market of lingerie has ample to offer, with your options ranging from the regular bras all the way the titillating push up bras. Continue reading Curbing Your Lingerie Cravings from Monday to Friday