Top Tricks to Stop Your Shapewear from Rolling Down


Suppose you are standing at the bar and you are looking at your best. You got a perfect makeup, perfect heels, and an absolutely perfect hair for the smashing party. But suddenly while checking the entire attire you saw that your skirt button is one right place but then it’s your shape-wear that is bothering you the most. That high waisted shape-wear which you are wearing is actually doing all kinds of crime. But what actually you can do to shop that malfunction?

Shape-wear Roll down Fix- 1

It is important that you buy online lingerie in the right way. Also, if still if you are facing a problem with your shape-wear then it is important that you must pull it really high. Tuck those shape-wear just under your bra.

Shape-wear Roll down Fix- 2

Get some tape, a fashion or tit- tape if you yourself have it or take it from any of your friends. Just stick the tape with your waistband so that it doesn’t fall down.

Shape-wear Roll down Fix- 3

Make sure that your bum and shape-wear are right in size. If you see that it is setting too low then obviously your shape-wear will drag down.

Shape-wear Roll down Fix-4

You can also fold up the waistband so that it remains to stay tighter and lower. Only opt for this if you see that the dress on you don’t looks bad and definitely you don’t look bumpy.

How to stop this from repeating again?

Most of the time we see that high waisted shape-wear generally rolls down. The foremost reason for this is might you have done wrong shape-wear online shopping in India. Another reason is that the shape-wear might not correctly fit your rib cage.

  • Always check the size chart– The first thing which you must see before choosing a shape-wear is finding the correct size. No matter what measurement is inscribed on the pack, you must check it your size with a measurement tape.
  • Choose high waisted shapewear with a grip – Nowadays most of the high waisted shape-wear holds a grip inside the waistband. This actually helps to keep the shape-wear right at the place. It’s a thin band of silicone that can help you to keep the shape-wear stick at the right place.
  • If you have much experience to shape-wear rolling down then opt for anything with straps- There are many lingerie brands which provide a strap with the shape-wear to hold the same and that provide a firm support. They are a bit expensive ones but they are actually brilliant.
  • Get dressed in the right way– It is advisable that you must not immediately get into the shape-wear right coming after taking a shower. Let your skin get dry. It is completely a wrong idea to wear a shape-wear on a damp skin.