Five Kinds of Bras for Every Growing Woman’s Wardrobe

Sexy lingerie

Remember the first bra you ever got? It was probably something in white and pretty basic. But as you flower into a beautiful young woman the need to invest rightly in the chest department arises. The entire point is to deflect unwanted attention whilst finding the right way to flaunt your favorite asset. Bra shopping has always been a hassle in this country, especially with your mother watching over and insisting you to buy innerwear that’s totally out of date. Keeping this in mind, it’s not unusual to see a huge surge in online bra shopping in India. From the plethora of options, it is often hard to decide which ones to go for. So here’s a comprehensive list of the five kinds of bras that are essential for a growing woman’s wardrobe.

The full cup bra:

The full cup bra is your best friend if you are planning for a long day with lots of running around. It covers your entire breast and gives it a great shape and support. If your bust is on the heavier side, this could be the perfect solution.

The seamless bra:

Most Indian bras have a lining across the bust which makes it unfit for wearing underneath t-shirts. This is why you must invest in a couple of seamless bras. Be it a cotton t-shirt or a western top, this kind of bra nearly invisible its presence. The smoothness of it all makes it a top priority of all wardrobes!

The plunge bra:

The plunge bra is an essential if you want to show off your neckline. Going sans bra is not doable owing to the discomfort that unsupported breasts bring. So going for an alternative is a must. In case of a plunge bra, the part of the bra that connects the cups between your breasts is at a significantly low level. So there is no need for you to fiddle with your low cut top, fearing that your bra might pop out any second.

The neon bra:

As you explore your sexuality as a young woman, you ought to be on the lookout for sexy lingerie. The neon bra doesn’t come with underwire and padding. It gives you tons of breathing space and brings in the fun in the sexy. It will help you exude confidence with a youthful glow.

The nude bra:

Contrary to popular belief, white bras are not suitable to be worn under light colored clothing. They reflect light and attract a lot of attention. Black bras on the other hand are a strict no-no. So for a day out in the sun where you are wearing white or other light colors choose to wear a nude bra which is close to your skin tone. That way, even the awkward flash during an odd selfie won’t catch you off-guard.

So follow these tips and continue your path to being effortlessly beautiful.