A Guide To Get Your Perfect Bra Fit

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Bras are an essential part of every woman’s daily life. It is that piece of undergarment that is given special love and attention. All girls want to get the most beautiful, gorgeous looking bras for their most delicate parts. They also want their bras to be comfortable at the same time. However, your bra will always be comfortable if you get the right size and fit but it will be the most ucomfortable thing ever if you get the wrong size. If you have ever worn an ill-fitted bra you kow that it has the ability to ruin a perfect bra. A majority of women get their bra sizes wrong and they are too shy to get it measured in stores. Well, to be honest it can be very awkward if an unknown person is suddenly measuring your chest area. Now, you can calculate your bra size and get your perfect fit at home with the help of online perfect bra size calculator in India and by following this simple guide.

Guide to measure your Perfect Bra size.

  • Wear a bra with No underwire: It is suggested that while measuring a bra size, you should be bra-less or wire a bra with no underwired. An underwired bra will interruupt with the bra size. Then wrap a measuring tape around the bottom of the band or right below your breasts. This will determine your bra size.
  • Non-padded bra: If you are wearing a bra while measuring your bust size, then make sure it is a non-padded bra. A padded bra will add extra inches which will get you the wrong fit. Then wrap the measuring tape lightly around the area of your breast which is fuller mainly at the nipple level. Don’t wrap the measuring tape too tight or too loose. This will help you get your perfect bust size.
  • Get the cup right: Once you meausre the band and bust size correctly, getting your cup size is fairly easy. All you have to do is find the difference between band and bust measurements. Then compare it to the size chart of a lingerie store. Different stores have different sizes for each cup. For example a B-cup at one shop can be a C-cup in another. So, it is important check the size chart guide before purchasing.

This is an easy guide to get your perfect bra fit and carry all your outfits confidently. You can find the bra size calculator online at the website of the best lingerie shop in Kolkata. Browse through plenty of designs and options to get the bra according to your mood and personality. They have lingerie for every size and shape. Whether bra or swimwear- Lalingerie.in provides excellent quality products at an affordable price.