Panty Liners Can Be Your Next Best Friend. Don’t Believe Us? Read-Along

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This blog helps you to understand the importance and usage of panty liners. Buy safe, secure, and comfortable Panty Liners from a lingerie online store near you.

Daily personal hygiene should be a part of everyone’s regular routine. Especially for women, proper hygiene will reduce the risk of diseases usually caused by viruses and bacterias. Today online shopping is a rage. From clothes, jewelry, to food and daily essentials you can buy anything from the comfort of your home. Online lingerie shops in India not only showcase their extensive lingerie collections but also important female hygiene products.

What is A Panty Liner?

It is common among women to have an occasional discharge of fluids. This can make anyone uncomfortable and lead to embarrassing situations. In this regard, panty liners work best to maintain a fresh feel throughout the day without any uneasiness.  In comparison to usual sanitary napkins and tampons, pantyliners are softer and thinner absorbent options. So to avoid stains from menstrual flows or vaginal discharge, panty liners are worn inside female underwear.

When to Use What? Sanitary Napkins Vs Panty Liners:-

Usage of Panty Liners:-

  • For Slight Incontinence:- The inability to hold on or control your urine refers to incontinence. As a result due to stress incontinence, a little jumping or jerking can result in dampening. Not only is this unhygienic but will also make you feel uncomfortable. By using a panty liner you can work without worry about leakages. 
  • For Postpartum Flow:- Pantyliners are a huge blessing to new mothers. After delivery, light postpartum flow is common for a few weeks, hence pant liners can be the best absorbent. 
  • Pre and Post Menstruation:- Just before your periods start, use  Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners. Vaginal discharge is common during ovulation. Thus before and after your monthly cycles, using pantyliners can be very helpful. 

Usage of Sanitary Napkins:-

  • For Heavy Flow:- During those heavy flow days, using a sanitary pad is the best choice. It has a better absorbing capacity and can last for longer durations than pantyliners. 
  • Protection from TSS:- This is more prevalent in teenage girls. Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a serious medical condition triggered by bacterias entering the body and releasing toxic secretions. So, using period pads reduces the frequency of TSS. 

A Word of Caution:-

Most pantiliners run the risk of burning, itching, sensation. Due to friction, these liners rub against the labia, causing redness and irritation. Furthermore, using it for long hours and not maintaining intimate hygiene can lead to a vaginal yeast infection that poses a major threat. Since most panty liners are made of synthetics or chemicals, they contribute to such harmful consequences. Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners from La Lingerie is completely devoid of chemicals and are made of natural materials. As a result, these are safe for your skin and are a healthy alternative to the usual products. 

Thus, there are innumerous reasons to believe that panty liners make your life much easier. It is true that tampons and menstrual cups are more effective. But for those who are new and are stepping into their adolescent phase, panty liners are simpler versions, thus easier to use. 

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