A Few Common Questions About Lingerie Fitting

The task to Buy Online Premium Lingerie can sometimes be a bit confusing when it comes to the right fitting. However, there are solutions of this problem too.

Every day, many customers arise many questions about how to Buy Online Premium Lingerie of the right size. A list of the most frequently asked questions is compiled below. Checking out the complete guide for fitting panties, bras, slips, and shapewear will help in laying your hands on the best fitted pieces. Besides these few questions listed below there are many more questions that click the mind of the customers in order to get the right one.

Bra Fitting: –

  1. What Is The Most Frequently Made Mistake Done By Women Regarding Their Bra Size?

Ans. The first and the foremost mistake is the increase in the band size instead of the size of the bra cups. For example, if a woman tries on a 34C and she feels tight then the mistake is to switch on to a 36C instead of switching on to the 34D size. It is advisable that a woman must never change the band size until and unless she is unable to put few of her fingers under her bra band.

Panty Fitting: –

  1. How To Eliminate The Panty Lines?

Ans. Wearing a G-string or a thong can help in eliminating the panty lines exhibited in the backside. However, if a woman finds these uncomfortable then consider putting on a slip or a panty liner between your panty and your outer garment. If still this does not work then one can consider wearing a long-leg style shapewear brief.

Shapewear Fitting: –

  1. If A Woman Needs More Control Then Should She Go Down A Size?

Ans. Not at all! A smaller size of shapewear will never fit the wearer properly and may prove to be a bit painful. Shapewear is available in different control levels. Light control, moderate control, and firm control or the extra firm control. It is advisable to go up a control level rather than moving down a size.

Maternity Bra Fitting: –

  1. When Is The Correct Time To Purchase A Maternity Bra?

Ans. The appropriate time to buy a maternity bra is as soon as the breasts of a woman begins to swell up and starts to become tender. Maternity bras are quite different from the normal bras. The difference lies in the special designs of the maternity bras that gives extra support to the breasts. These type of bras are made to give a comfortable fit on the first or the tightest hook early in the pregnancy and get adjusted to the loosest hook by the end of the last trimester of pregnancy. Most of the new mothers need to start putting on a maternity bra when the fourth month of pregnancy begins.

Laundering Lingerie: –

  1. What Is The Best Method Of Laundering The Sexy Lingerie Pieces?

Ans. One can wash the lingerie pieces in the washing machine using mild detergents or light liquid washing soaps. Nut, try to make it sure that the bras are hooked together in order to prevent the tangling of the bras onto the other clothing. It is great idea to keep the bras into a lingerie bag in order to keep the bras separate. It is better to wash these delicate inner wears in cool waters. Washing in hot water or drying those using dryers can break the spandex.