Discover Different Kinds of Exotic Men’s Underwear

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The fashion trend is evolving every day and really gone are the days when men’s inner wear did not include in the fashion glossary. As today in every blog, articles, coverage we can see that people share their views about men’s underwear. Here is some of the most common men’s underwear:-

Boxer Shorts

Let start with something which is essential while online underwear shopping in India, boxer short. Actually, boxers invented in the year 1920 but it actually became popular 20 years after it got discovered. Its main features include elastic waist and loose-fitting length. This particular underwear actually provides full coverage with support.


Brief known traditionally and its real competitor is boxer short, which is popularly called as Y-fronts. Briefs no doubt fit more tightly and elastic is the material which is used to make the underwear. You cannot just find any additional leg in the structure of this underwear and the entire look is similar to women’s Knickers. An extra material in the front of the brief keeps it different from the above. Generally, sportsmen and athletes prefer wearing this kind of underwear.


Obviously, today you can get any men’s wear online and if we talk about another kind of supportive undies for men then we just can’t think anything apart from Jockstrap. It is designed accordingly so that the male genitals get prohibit from any movement while doing workout or sports. This particular underwear mainly consists of three parts- one is actually for the waist and the other two for the buttocks. All the three parts are connected to a single pouch which is usually made of a protected kind of material so that you won’t feel uneasy while sitting in. It enables your buttocks to stay exposed.


If you want to show your buttocks then the most preferred underwear which you should buy is a thong. Actually, this kind of underwear evolved from one of the oldest kind of clothing, namely loincloth. They are no doubt available in many kinds of materials starting from traditional fabrics to leather or Kinky rubber fabric. It comprises of three tiny segments of material to support the entire package which is then connected to the larger part.