Different Types of Panties to Add to Your Undergarment Drawer

PantiesGood quality panties are a woman’s everyday intimate companion. You can get different lingerie in India online. Read on to know more.

Women expect a lot from the panties they buy- the chief of which is comfort. Underwears are a woman’s intimate companion. A good panty is something that will hug the wearer comfortable throughout the day. An ideal panty will never show itself from the outside. You can get a versatile collection of lingerie in India from online. It is crucial and it should find a place in every woman’s wardrobe. It creates a sleek silhouette as well as renders the much-needed comfort and confidence to the wearer. Here one can take a glance at some of the panty styles that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

Various Type of Panties in Your Wardrobe:

  • Bikini Bottoms:-

    This is a very feminine and flirty style that is inspired by the bottoms of the bikini styled bathing suit. One can find this panty in a typical low rise style and provide very minimal rear coverage. Some bikinis have strings on the sides to tie it around the waist. Such kinds have thin sides and a cut leg which is higher. One can wear this style under any outfit and it also flatters all kinds of figures.

  • BoyShorts:-

    A feminine version of the men’s boxer, these shorts have a long cut extending to the top of the thighs and just below the crotch line. The style is extremely ladylike, has excellent coverage and is incredibly comfortable. The panties are a combination of super functionality. They range from practical, soft cotton to flirtatious lace and one can choose according to their suitability. These kinds of panties are absolutely suitable for everyday wear. These panties have got a lot of positive attention from the customers because of the comfort it provides to the wearer. The panties have extra stretch which allows for a more secure and flexible fit. They do not bother the wearer with any chafing, bunching or binding. They are reasonably priced so that one can keep a stock of them inside their drawer all the time when you can do online lingerie shopping

  • Seamless Panties:-

    One often needs to wear trousers, jeans, and skirts from time to time. There are times when the outerwear calls for a seamless perfection from the inside. One can find these panties in the market in a wide range of coverage styles and options to choose from. It also saves you from embarrassing situations.

  • High Cut Briefs-

    Derived from the classic, old style of the brief cut panties, this kind allows for a higher waist, are flexible so as to provide wide leg openings and very narrow side coverage.

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