The Most Common Questions Women Ask About Bras

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Women always want to take off their bra at the end of the day. We always complain about how they are uncomfortable and uneasy about wearing. Well, the right bra must not make you feel that way. It should not feel right to take off your bra at the end of a day. The bra is something which you shall be comfortable throughout the day. You should feel good in a bra.

When it comes to bras, women have a lot of questions to ask. There are a lot of confusions, a lot of queries and a lot of doubts. You might make up your mind and go to the store in the hope of getting all your doubts cleared. But, the moment you see the weird stares from people around you, you go numb. That is why you should do online bra shopping in India. Buying bra online does not comes with weird glares and awkwardness. As for your doubts and queries, here are the most common questions answered about bras.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Bras-

How to measure bra size correctly and find the perfect fit?

The first step to get your bra size right is measuring the band size. Firmly put the measuring tape from just below your underarms. It should fit properly, and it should not squeeze out your skin. Now, measure the bust size by putting the tape around the most fuller part of your breasts.  Cup size is different for different brands. You need to subtract the band size from your bust size and see the number. Then compare it with the cup sizes given on the charts.

• How to say if the bra fits well?

Well, firstly your breasts should not squeeze out from the top of the bra. The gore should fit properly. Another hack to find whether the bra fits well or not is to put two fingers the strap where your hooks are attached. If there’s a two-finger gap then congratulations, you have found your perfect fit.

• How many bras should you own?

You should own at least five different types of bras. There are specific bras for specific dresses. For example, a t-shirt bra is for t-shirts, you should also own a basic traditional bra, a sports bra, etc.

• How to wash bras?

The best way to clean bras is to handwash them. It is better to keep them away from the machine as the underwire or the band may get ruined. So, handwashing is the way to go.
These are some frequently asked questions about bras. With the correct bras, you also need the right panties. Buy panties online in India and other lingeries from La Lingerie at the best price.