Have A Happy Period with La Lingerie’s Personal Hygiene Products

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Every woman’s dream is to have a safe, comfortable, and pain-free period. With a huge range and options of various hygiene sanitary pads, we help you to select the best.

Understanding your body type is the first step in choosing the right sanitary pad. There is a difference in how each woman’s body reacts to the menstrual cycle. Some women suffer from extreme period pain while others have it for longer days. For a comfortable period, you can avail of Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll for Period Pain

A sanitary pad or napkin is an absorbent that is used by menstruating women. The type of pad you use depends on your body, skin type, and the activities you engage in throughout the day. 

The 4 Most Essential Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Pad:- 

Your Rate of Flow:-

Keep a track of your flow throughout your period. We know the rate fluctuates for every single woman. The amount of blood excluded on your first or second day is higher than the last days of your periods. Moreover due to physiological and other changes in your body the flow rate might vary in different months. 

The Sanitary Pad Material:-

Maintaining hygiene during your periods is a must. Certain sanitary pads cause itching, skin eruptions, allergy, or discomfort. So, make sure you thoroughly check the composition of your pad before buying. La Lingerie Cotton Women’s Sanitary Panty is the best solution to ease your period problems. The stretchable, easy fitting, comfortable elastic band makes the product a favorite among all. 

The Power to Absorb:-

With a variety of options available today in the market, your stress is reduced. Depending on the flow rate, you should decide whether to buy a regular pad or a greater absorbent pad. Pee Safe Organic Cotton Tampon by La Lingerie offers you an organic alternative to your regular chemical loaded hygiene sanitary pads. These are hassle-free tampons that are available in 3 sizes- Regular, super, and super plus.

Daily Activities:-

You must wear pads according to the nature of your daily activities. Some days you might have a relaxing time while at times you might have a hectic schedule. So depending on this, you can choose the style of sanitary pads. 

A Word of Caution for All Ladies Out There:-

Period cramps can be stressful and daunting. Availing the pee safe relief roller for period pain can help you overcome it. Another important advice is to maintain proper hygiene.

  • Change pads every 4-5 hours
  • Keep your vagina clean. Opt for LaLingerie Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash for 
  • Wear clean underwear

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