How can I make my breasts look fuller in size?

Ans: – To make your breasts look fuller in size you need to put your areola above the vertex point of your bra. In this way you can add volume to your breasts.

What is the common psychology of the women while buying bra?

Ans: -Most of the women have this tendency of buying bras that are smaller in size than their breasts. They think that small sized bras would make their breasts look perfectly shaped. But they are wrong. Don’t make this mistake of wearing the wrong size bra that does not fit your breasts. This would make you look odd.

I am having smaller breasts. Should I wear a bra?

Ans: – Definitely. You should wear a bra. You can go for padded bras that will give you some cleavage. Else you can simply try the A-cup bras that have underwires and provide support to your breasts and make them look bigger in size.

What mistake do women make while finding the correct bra size?

Ans: -Often women tend to wear wrong size bras, either a bra having big band size and small cup size or vice versa. They should go down a band size and up 2 cup sizes and see the result. By going down a band size and going up 2 cup sizes, the same cup size will become smaller and you will feel comfortable.

How many hooks should I wear on my bra closure?

Ans: – Hooks depend on the breadth of the bra which is again proportionate to the cup size. Big cup sizes need more than 4 hooks while smaller cups need 1 or 2 hooks. A larger back bra reduces back bulges and provides full support to the breasts.

Can thin bra straps provide support to the breasts?

Ans: – wearing thin bra straps could be dangerous for health as the thin straps put downward pressure on the cervical nerve causing headache, numbness and frequent neck pain to the arms and shoulders. So it is better if you avoid wearing thin bra straps.

Which kind of bra straps go well with narrow shoulders?

Ans: – Girls having narrow shoulders should wear close-set bra straps. These bras provide support to the breasts and keep them firm and do not fall off the shoulders.

Which color bras should I go for?

Ans: – Well it absolutely depends on the color of your dresses. If you are wearing dark color, then black bra is the best choice and if you are wearing light colored dresses then its better if you wear white bra or any other nude color bras.

Which bra would suit me the best?

Ans: – It depends on the kind of dress you wear. If you wear a tight t-shirt then you can wear the t-shirt bras, for comforters you can wear an uplift bra, for tank and halter tops, you can wear a halter bra or simply a strapless bra.

Which bra goes best with low cut necklines?

Ans:- The demi-cup bra goes best with deep V-necklines. You can also try out the front closure bras.

Which bra goes best with spaghetti straps?

Ans:- A strapless bra goes best with spaghetti straps. You can also go for adhesive bras.

Is it really necessary to wear an underwire bra?

Ans:- No, there is no such rules that compel you to wear underwire bras. Instead you can easily go for soft cup and wire-free bras that provide support and comfort to your breasts.

Can I wear the demi bras every day?

Ans:- Yes you can surely wear the demi bras for regular day use. Demi bras are meant to give you a beautiful shape by enhancing your bosom.

How can I differentiate between a push-up bra and a demi bra?

Ans:- Push–up bras come with padded cups that give a revealing look by showing ample of cleavage. Push-up bras are not meant for everyday use. Whereas demi bras provide comfort & support and enhances the bust and can be worn for regular use.

Why do I always end up buying bras from the same brand?

Ans:- It happens with most of the women. When you get accustomed with a particular brand you always tend to look for that brand while shopping. Same happens when you shop for your innerwear. The sizing guidelines differ from brand to brand. Different lingerie manufacturers have different models and sizes of bras. Hence if a bra of a particular brand fits you then you tend to look for that brand only even when you buy a different style bra.

I get rashes all over the shoulders after wearing latex elastics. How can I avoid wearing latex?

Ans:- Nowadays latex-free elastics are available in the market. A lot of women are allergic to latex hence elastics are now made with spandex.

Why do my underwire bras always poke me?

Ans:- You must be wearing a wrong size bra. Underwires are accurately placed in the bras. Hence it is important for you to check your bra size before opting for underwire bras.

Why should I wear a wide band bra?

Ans:- It is recommended to wear a wide band bra because it provides additional support to the sides. A wide band bra also is very comfortable to wear.

Does the cup size increase with the increase in the bra size?

Ans:- Yes, definitely the cup size increases with the bra size. 32D and 36D do not have the same cup sizes. 36D always has the bigger cup size than that of 32D.

Is it necessary to wear the bra in a way so that it rests on the sternum?

Ans:- No, it is not at all necessary that your bra will have to rest on your sternum. What matters is that a particular distance should be maintained between the breasts and they should not be overflowing out of the bra.

I often find bruise marks at the bottom of my breasts. Why does this happen?

Ans:-This happens because you are wearing a big band size bra. Hence, your breasts fall out from your bra. The band of your bra rests on the delicate breast tissue and not on the ribcage. This leads to rashes and irritation.

If a woman is having developed figure, then exactly where should her breasts lie on?

Ans:- A developed figure breasts should always lie midway between the collarbone and the waist.

What mistake do the developed figure women often make while purchasing bra?

Ans:- The most common mistake that most of the developed figure women make is that they always buy bras having small cup size and large band size. They should always look for bras that fit their sizes perfectly.

Why do the developed figure women always wear the underwire bras instead of wearing soft cup bras?

Ans:- Underwire bras always provide support and give a perfect shape to the breasts. Hence developed figure women find these underwire bras more comfortable and stylish. Whereas the soft cup bras do not shape up the breasts and make the developed breasts look vulgar.

How should I wash my bra?

Ans:- Use a soft detergent while washing your bras and avoid putting your bras in the dryer as it worsens the quality by breaking down the spandex. Use a lingerie bag.

How should I wash my panties?

Ans:- You need to follow the instructions and work accordingly. Since hot water breaks down the elastic therefore it is always recommended to wash them on delicate cycle in lukewarm water. Avoid using dryer.

How should I cleanse the shapewear?

Ans:- Follow the washing instructions. Avoid using hot water, dryer and chlorine bleach.

Why is it necessary to wear maternity bras during pregnancy?

Ans:- You cannot wear regular bras during your pregnancy as during this time the shape of your breasts are going to undergo a lot of changes. You need to select a bra accordingly that makes you feel comfortable from within as during this time your breasts tend to become more sensitive.

Should we wear bra while sleeping at night?

Ans: You can wear bra while sleeping at night. But ensure that you are ensuring a comfortable bra. You can choose a lightweight non underwire bra. It will make you feel more comfortable while sleeping.

I love wearing low back kurtas and blouses but peeping bra straps embarrass me. What should I wear?

Ans: If you wear low back bra converter, you can be sure of no more bra strap show. The low back bra converter will make you more comfortable about wearing low back dresses.

What are bra extenders?

Ans: When you need extra bandwidth on your regular bras, try bra-extenders. Bra extenders are idea for extending bra sizes. It can add up to 1.75 inches to your bra.

How much of your breasts is the cup of your bra supposed to cover?

It depends on the bra type. The bra must cover your nipples till the bottom of your breasts. Different brands and styles of bras have a slight difference in size.
In case your breasts are spilling out of the cups of the bra, consider it to be too small.

How do I eliminate panty lines?

If you will wear a thong or a g-string then it will give you the ease to eliminate panty lines in the back. Some women find the option to be uncomfortable; they can wear slip or pant liner between your panty and the garment you are wearing. If this won’t work, consider a long-leg style shape wear brief.

Why do I need a sports bra?

Women tend to have saggy breasts over time. As much amount of exercise one does this consequence cannot be prevented. The reason is that breasts have no muscles in them to be toned. It’s ligaments that attach the breasts to the chest. They are very delicate and so if not supported well, constant motion can break them down and deteriorate breast support and positioning.

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