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When G-Strings Are More Than Just Sexy!

The world of lingerie has widely stretched out its arms to not just changes, but a complete sensual makeover as a whole. With never seen before pieces of undies, this is one apparel domain that has definitely managed to set the house of eccentric style on fire. Speaking of some of the most sexually exciting options that you can lay your hands on while you buy panties online, G-strings and thongs are a must mention at all times. But did you know that thongs are more than just about being ad looking sexy?

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A conventional G-string is one that is made of a single string in the posterior part instead of an entire piece of cloth. This leaves you with a bare butt. Though, an absolute titillating piece of lingerie, not every woman is comfortable carrying themselves off in a G-string that is otherwise termed as a thong. Like it or don’t, the truth lies in the fact that you cannot completely ignore a thong or shun it out of your erotic lingerie collection. It is definitely an indispensable part of you innerwear collection. What adds on to its popularity is the importance that it bestows on a woman on a technical basis. Before we move on, let us throw some light on occasions when a G-string can not only prove to be a saviour, but a necessity as well. Continue reading When G-Strings Are More Than Just Sexy!

Bra Mistakes that You are committing throughout Your Life

While you are going to buy a bra it becomes quite a task for you to choose the right one for you.Research says that almost 80% women choose the wrong bra size.When you are drooling over a beautiful and sought after lingerie you probably making a huge mistake while buying it.When you are going to buy a bra make sure that you end up buying the right piece.

-font-b-Adriana-b-font-font-b-Lima-b-font-Hot-Boobs-Sexy-Bra-ModelHere are a few tell-a-tale signs that can help you to detect what mistakes you are making with your bra.

Does the Band ride Up?

Does the band of your bra rides up on your back? It is the most apparent signal that makes you understand what is going wrong inside. It is high time for you to understand that your bra does not fit you well.Opt for a bra that is a size bigger than the bra you are wearing.The band should be in horizontal line with your waist.

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Is the Straps are cutting down on your Skin?

If the strap of your bra are cutting down on your shoulders and making the whole biding affair quite painful it is surely a wrong bra you are wearing.Probably the strap of your bra is failing to give you right support.Opt for wide straps that will make it comfortable for you.lalige001079a_bras

Spillage means you have got Bigger Boobs?

No darling.It means that you are wearing a wrong cup size.The right cup will keep your boobs from spillage and wrinkle.The cup should not cause any spillage and wrinkle.Rather your boobs should fit those cups properly.

Is the Under Wire Poking You?

If the under wire of your bra is poking your skin then it is the smaller cup you are wearing. Under wire are supposed to give you the proper support and lift.It should not cause any pain.Remember, the smaller cup size does not make you look slimmer.

Buy the right bra and look out for the signs that can make you understand whether you are wearing a wrong one.

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How to Find the Perfect Nightwear according to your Body Type

When you are going to bed after a long day of work you look for comfort and it is natural.But to slip in the most shabby pair shorts and camisoles are not always a good idea.
In fact it can be a serious turn off for your partner too.You just need to make sure that not only you find comfort but also can bring out the oomph factor from your within too.

When you are going to buy night suits online you need to know how you can make them look amazing on you.For that you need to know what night suit will look best on you.

It is often suit that choosing the right lingerie depends on how well you know your body type.Take a look what night wear is perfect for your body type.

Athletic Frame

If you have an athletic frame you need to how off the tones back, shoulder and arms you have got.Choose halter neck, one shoulder, spaghetti or off shoulder for yourself.Worried how your masculine legs will look like?Hide them with cute feminine pajamas.If you have beautifully toned legs go for shorts.lalige000467a_sleepwear

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Your curves are not meant to be hidden but to be flaunted.Steer clear of the sleep wears that hides them make you look more broad and flabby.

Go for fitted camisole and shorts or negligee.Your body will look great in any colour.Bring out the sexier side of yours.

Pear Shaped

The main trick is to hide flaws and accentuate the assets.Opt for strappy camisoles or night gown than will show of your slender shoulder.The night dress you are choosing should be loose around your hip.That will make you look stunning.

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Choose the perfect one that suits you best and become the diva even in your bedroom.

Things You Should Know While Buying Plus Size Lingerie

Lingerie shopping for plus size women has never been easier or more enjoyable than it is nowadays.It doesn’t matter how you look and what is your body shape.It is all about how you feel in the particular lingerie.Well, buying lingerie in India is troublesome for many women for privacy concerns.
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One can always opt for online shopping as there are a numbers of stores who are offering lingerie especially for plus size women.

Moreover, you can be at home, learn how to cover up your flaws and emphasize your assets, and browse different online stores before getting the desired one.

Let’s read about some of the useful tips about plus size lingerie

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Whenever you are shopping plus size intimate apparel online take enough time to go through the size chart carefully.Before that, measure yourself at home.Do know that fact that sizing can vary from one manufacturer to another.

Go for full figure bras, minimizer bras, and underwire well support bras which are comfortable.Choose colors and designs that are cozy yet sexy such as red, black, purple and orange.For everyday uses get nude or white shade full figure bra for an ultimate feel.Capture

Whenever you are opting for exotic bra online shopping, you can go for well support and double layered lace or even net bras with matching sheer or net panties for an erotic feeling.

Plus size baby doll dresses, camisole sets, plus size corsets, plus size nightgowns can be perfect for honeymoon episode.

There are several advantages of plus size bra online shopping as well.Online stores are 24×7 and you won’t face any embarrassment while choosing your size.There is a huge assortment of plus size lingerie available online from where you can compare styles & prices.

Though you are unable to try the lingerie make sure you know your proper size and the store’s return/exchange or refund policy.

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To Wear or Not to Wear – How to Know that You are Wearing a Wrong Bra?

Well, a bra can’t talk.But if only it could talk it would have made you aware that you are doing it wrong and how.No wonder, bra is your best friend.But it can’t help you by telling you that you have chosen the wrong one.
Sexy bra online shoppingWhen you are going to shop for lingerie you will see racks after racks bra that will keep on staring at you silently and wait that you will choose the right one.

The salesgirls will come to your rescue, true.But at the end of the day, it will be you who will decide what the right piece is for you.

There is a fine line between kind-of-well-fitted and the perfect fit. When you are going to a store for bra shopping or visiting a store for bra shopping online, you need to know how you will be able to determine the right piece for you.

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The Signs of a Wrong Bra

It Should not Leave any Bruise

Wearing a bra shouldn’t be painful.It will feel effortless to carry the right one.But if the strap is digging in your shoulder and you feel nothing but pain, you have opted for the wrong one.

The under wire shouldn’t pierce your chest or create any bruise.If you find any red mark on your skin after trying a bra, ditch it and opt for the next one.

Wrinkled Cups and Overflowing Boobs

Wrinkled cup are not desirable.When you are wearing a bra with wrinkled cup it will be visible since the thin fabric won’t be able to hide it.It will look bad, big time.When you find a bra with such cup, time to go for the next.bra online shopping

Wearing a bra and feeling like you have four boobs instead of two? That’s a strict no-no.The cup should cover the assets seamlessly.If it makes you feel overflowing, don’t buy that one.The cup size is not right for you.

The Riding up Back Strap

The bra strap should go horizontally in the middle of the back.It should run parallel with the front of the bra.If the back strap is riding higher then it is indicating that the bust is not getting enough support and the boob will be sagging.

When you are buying the bra for yourself make sure that you can breathe freely.Remember if the bra reminds you of its existence, it is not the right bra for you.


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Scientists have proved that lingerie is much more significant than just being intimate apparel

Men love lingerie

Whether your beloved husband or boyfriend admits it or not, men love lingerie.The fact, while much more openly accepted in western countries such as USA and UK, is something almost never admitted up by the Indians.

The social taboo over anything related to sex or remotely sexual might be the prime reason behind such behavior.However,now even scientific study has proven that men love lingerie.

Sexy Lingerie OnlineScientists prove lingerie as a positive stimulant

In a bizarre experiment involving rats, it was found that male rats who were allowed to mate with jacketed female rats (tiny jackets which worked as rat lingerie) always preferred mating with a jacketed female over an unjacketed one.

Subsequent experiments and various combinations and tests also established the fact that while mating with a jacketed female,the male rat ejaculated more quickly and found more pleasure than those mating with unjacketed females.



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Even though rats are not similar to humans,the effect is quite similar in both the cases.If getting your partner excited isn’t reason enough for you to try out lingerie, here are a few more reasons found through social experiments on why you should definitely wear lingerie –

Boost self esteem – It has been found that the person who feels confident about oneself leads a happier and more successful life.Admiring yourself in the perfect lingerie can be great in boosting your self esteem and make you love yourself.Buy Lingerie India

Get your feminism self out – The society is patriarchal all over the world. In this scenario,where the media is continually objectifying the female body,wearing lingerie just for your self is an act of feminist in itself.

Go on and buy lingerie in India,the country which is already making headlines for being one of the most unsafe countries for women.

Emphasize your shape – It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or curvy.The right size will boost your figure like never before.Just try the online lingerie in India stores if you are too shy to go to the nearest mall.

Rekindle the old love – Get sexy lingerie from the online lingerie in India store and reignite the old flame.


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Check out the various fashion websites to buy lingerie in India from the comfort and privacy of your dwelling.

Turn up the heat in your bedroom with exotic lingerie

What’s all the fuss with exotic lingerie

You might be quite familiar with the normal lingerie available at many stores and outlets in the city as well as the online stores.While they are,no doubt,quite popular,if you are looking for something sexier and kinky when you are going for lingerie shopping,you should definitely check out the exotic lingerie range.
Sexy Exotic LingerieExotic lingerie is a lot different than normal lingerie;it is skimpier and sometimes come with added frills.

The highly sexual appeal and the feeling of enjoying something forbidden is a definite turn on for the couples who do not fear delving into unfamiliar territories.

Online stores for those who want it private

There are definitely a number of couples who have a certain attraction towards exotic lingerie,but the thought of getting these from one of the stores in person acts as a major deterrent in most cases.This issue can be easily avoided if you are shopping for sexy lingerie online.
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Many large online fashion stores have a wide range of exotic lingerie to choose from.The products of many international brands as well,which might not be available at the local stores,are available in the online retail websites.Exclusive Exotic Lingerie

On top of these,the best part about shopping for sexy lingerie online is that you need not have to go through the uncomfortable task of choosing your favourite design at a public store.

Men can even take the opportunity to plan a mischievous surprise fo the spouse or girlfriend.

Few considerations for online lingerie shoppers

When you go on to buy sexy lingerie online make sure you cover the following points –

Size – The size of the lingerie you are going to choose is of paramount importance.Men, if you are buying the lingerie as a surprise for your wife or girlfriend definitely take a peek in their lingerie drawer to check her size.Do not try to guess.

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Colour – The colour should go with the mood. A black or red will be a safe option. Do not go for white.

Brand – Try not to save those few bucks, and check out the best lingerie brands. It will save a lot of confusion.

So start shopping for some sexy lingerie online today, and get them shipped well; before the special date!

Night Dress – Comfort or Seduction

Comfort and looking sexy not always go hand in hand.However you can make it work if you choose wisely.  When you are going to lingerie shopping and browsing the collection online,you often get confused,what you should buy.

In order to look seductive often many women invest in the wrong piece of night dress. As a result,they neither can flaunt your seductress avatar nor you can be comfortable.
Sexy Night Dress in India
While buying a night dress, the ground rule you need to keep in mind is that comfort is the ultimate thing. It will give you a certain level of confidence and you will sexy from inside.

While choosing the material be extra careful.Imagine,after a long day,when you are going to slip in the bed or snuggle with your partner,you obviously would want something light,soft and comfortable to wear. Often you have taken resort to extra big t shirt and sweatpants.

But they are far from seductive.Choose a material that will
give you that comfort. Soft satin can be your best choice. They are smooth against your skin and they are extremely comfortable and your skin will get to breath. Forget that skimpy net and hard material.You can also opt for soft cotton.


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While shopping for a night dress,you will come across the dresses with frill and lace detailing. Choose the lace and net when it is soft.Hard lace or rough net are really uncomfortable for you and your partner.
Night Wear
The dress that requires pins and buttons to fix is never comfortable to sleep in. Opt for the dresses that have less tricky mechanism like ribbons.

They are not only comfortable to wear,but also high scorer in the case of playing seductress.Heighten your partner’s imagination with these dresses.
Some Popular Style:-

  • Nightgown or nighty is the most popular pick. Simple and basic, this piece is most comfortable for every woman.
  • Baby doll,another favourite of women is a shorter version of night gown,with more frills.It is comfortable, it is stylish,and it is sexy.
    • Camisoles are best for summers. Pain up with sexy shorts and you will feel cosy.You have the option of buying online night dress in India. Browse through the wide variety and choose your thing.
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Hot Lingerie trends to turn the cold winter sultry

The party season is approaching fast and so it is the right time to gift yourself with a beautiful assortment of lingerie for the upcoming Xmas. A set of lovely sparkling bra and panty is indeed a grSexy Lingerie Online in Indiaeat option.Apart from that the polka dot trend is also a huge craze right now.

The satin lingerie are very much in demand as they add up a little bit of Xmas to the intimate apparel and hence turn out to be the ultimate choice for the party animals.

The principal lookout in a bra after fashion and style is the level of comfort and that is the reason the bras always come with cushioned straps.The ornamented rings and slides take care of the fashion requirements well.

The bra sizes range from A- E and hence one has enough sizes at their disposal to make the perfect selection.Now, the next question is where to find the choices,

the answer is going online as you will get a blend of style and benefits in the exquisite range offered.

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It is also an advantageous option to go online and buy lingerie in India as it saves lots of time and energy and at the same time you have the best options of sexy lingerie online.Alongside, the privacy required to shop lingerie is avail. This is the reason the trend of online lingerie shopping is increasing at a fast pace.Night Dresses in India

In case you have chosen a bra then it is quite obvious that one will have a matching shorts or thongs to complement at its best.

The exquisite picks are available at affordable prices and hence it never causes any pain to your pocket.Another amazing trend going on in the lingerie arena is to flaunt the polka pattern on the lingerie.

The polka dots on a sheer base and a deep plunge is a hot trend going on right now.They offer a great option to show a lot of cleavage and portray the charm of one’s beautiful assets in an elegant way.

One can easily have a wide choice of sexy lingerie online and pick out the one that suits the body contour in the best way possible.

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Great Diwali Offer from La Lingerie- Shapewear at Flat 15% Off

Achieving the hourglass figure has been the dream of many women. Shapewear has revolutionized the way women used feel about their body.

The various kinds of shapewear that are readily available are:

  • Briefs
  • Girdles
  • Camisole
  • Full Body
  • Corset

The main aim of the shapewear is to hide all the flawed areas and provide a smooth and curvy silhouette. They help in shaping up the cellulite and make you appear slimmer and more attractive.

La Lingerie brings you the best of their offerson the greatest festival of lights. They are hosting an offer on shapewear 15% off. Now achieving that beautiful and curvy hourglass body will be even more pocket-friendly. Panty-Cut Shape Wear

Go through the whole collection of amazing shapewear offered by La Lingerie to find best for you. They have all kinds of shapewear that will help you conceal your problem areas.

You can wear the panty shaped shapewear to have a better sculpted look of the tummy and hips.

The well renowned online lingerie store La Lingerie brings to you the best offer to help you look fabulous this Diwali.

So girls!! Don’t wait any longer start shopping for the best shapewear and look amazing this Diwali. For those are planning to make their first shapewear purchase this is the best time to start.

Try and locate the problem area and then buy the needed shapewear accordingly. These will not only make you look slimmer but will also give you a lot of confidence about your body. Enjoy buying shapewear at flat 15% off on all the shapewear products on the website.

Buying Online Night Dress In India Is A Growing Trend

After a long and tiresome day’s work, we need to unwind completely for a fresh start the next day. For this, a good night’s sleep is very much essential. What can be better than creeping into a Online Lingerie Sleepwearcomfortable and soft night dress?

Night dresses are available in a wide variety. Women can choose from pyajamas, nightgown, and even exotic lingerie like Babydoll, chemise, negligee.

As for night dress, comfort is the yardstick. Hence, while choosing night dress, the most important thing which you should take care is that it should satisfy the comfort meter like anything. But fashion designers have taken care that this genre of clothing does not lag behind fashion.

One can choose from comfortable and cute looking Babydolls to graceful yet comfortable gowns. Chemises are also a good hoice s night dress. Chemise means shirt in French. As a night dress, it is loose-fitting, sleeveless, shirt-like yet provocative lingerie.Sexy Night Dress

Negligee is a loose but very sensuous night dress. Good old pyajamas are all time favourites of men, women and children. Pastel looking pyajamas are very comfortable to look at and also give a fresh feeling especially during summer.

Availability of online night dress in India is easy. With several brands offering their products online, anyone can buy online night dress in India with just a click on the mouse. The online stores offer a huge collection of night dress from where one can choose their preferred item.

The sites offering online night dress in India often give huge discounts in order to attract more and more customers. At this time, it is really smart to buy expensive night dresses as you can get them at a much cheaper price.