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Discover the Ways to Purchase the Best kind of Thongs

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Thongs are no doubt are just wonderful and it definitely makes every woman look pretty and beautiful. You love thongs or not but it is a different kind of lingerie that does a specific duty which other undies cannot do. Thongs prevent from embarrassing situation of unbearable panty lines and also there is no extra fabric to crumple up when we pull up our panties. Other types of panties can be so awesome that even sometimes you won’t remember that you are wearing a panty? No matter whether you belong to any booty committee or have a lot of sexy undies, thongs are a must have lingerie for every woman.

Are you an athlete? A low rider thong then is just perfect for you. The waistband must be of elastic and the material has to be very soft. It is actually a no coverage thong and absolutely perfect to wear when you will sweat a lot. It actually doesn’t trap moisture. Continue reading Discover the Ways to Purchase the Best kind of Thongs

The Right Type of Lingerie when you are in the Party Mood

It must have been quite a difficult task to hunt down the dress that you are going to wear in tonight’s party.But it must have been equally difficult task to find out what lingerie suits you and your dress best.

Now when you are getting ready to go for the party and hit the dance floor, you also need to know about the right type of lingerie that you are going to sport in party.


When you are going to dance and rock the party,a visible bra strap will be the last thing that you will want.

Or even a visible panty line is also too much embarrassing that will be showing up when you are wearing a too tight party wear.

Exotic lingerie comes to rescue when you are wearing a party wear. But what are the pieces that will make it perfect for you. Let’s find out.


When you are hitting the dance floor and going to blow the mind of everyone with your killer moves, a visible line of your panty will be a spoiler.


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Let’s start with the most essential.You can opt for G-strings thongs that will help you to conceal the obvious panty line and make you feel more comfortable when you are wearing a bodycon or tight fit pants.

When you are not comfortable enough in sporting a thong, wear seamless panties that will save you from open embarrassment.


It is quite obvious that you must be suffering from the complex of extra bulges around your stomach. You definitely don’t want to wear a skimpy party wear and show off your bulge.You can’t afford to skip those amazingly tasty pizzas either.

The only thing that can save you is your shapewear.It will seamlessly hide your bulge when you are actually splurging on food. It gives the desired shape that a corset gives.The advantage is it also makes your upper thighs shapely and toned.

Stick On, Push Ups and Low Cut Bra

Party dresses mean right amount of skin show at the
right places.When you are going to a party and sporting a backless number,you surely would not want to ruin the look by showing your bra strap.It will not only spoil the whole attire but also make you look vulgar as well.

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Opt For strap less stick on bras.They will give you required support and also help you to make a style statement.If you are thinking to wear a dress and flaunt your sultry cleavage,a push up bra is your thing.It will not only give support and lift up you confidence but also will help you to appear just as a seductress.

Have recently spent a fortune on a dress of low neckline? Obviously you can’t ditch your bosom buddies.Opt for low neckline bra that will provide you with heavy duty support.

When you are going to buy your lingerie for today’s party night, keep the design of your dress in mind.It will save you from the trouble of choosing the wrong pieces.

Thongs are in Vogue – Why Men Should Wear Thongs?

Love them or hate them but you surely can’t ignore them.Thongs for men are in vogue these days.Yes, the barely-there piece of clothing that you must love on your woman when you are in mood is now turning head of women when men are stepping out in them in the beach or in bedroom.
Thongs for Men IndiaIf you want to surprise your spouse with a little touch of kinkiness,thong is the best thing that can turn her on.I understand that all men love to have a visual feast;they love their women in skimpy pieces.

However, what most of the men fail to realise is,they can become a perfect visual treat too to their women.

If you are thinking to drive her wild, thong is your thing.You must be thinking that it is taboo, let me tell you,thongs for men is quite popular and men are even claiming that they find thongs quite comfortable even.Thongs are the best part of men clothing when they are spending time in beach.

To light up an erotic night,thongs can be your best friend too.Just the pouch and the attached string make it sexy attire.It leaves a very little to imagination and most part of the bum remains exposed.


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While buying the thong for yourself or your boyfriend you need to know a few things, take a look.

While choosing a thong you need to think about the comfort level of the wearer.If the wearer does not have the confidence to pull off the barely-there look, a thong will become disastrous.At the same time you need to think about the body of the wearer too.If your stomach is already bulging with fat, thong is not meant for you.Exclusive Thongs

You can get many varieties in colours.White is a basic colour of thongs for women.But men can look really sexy and kinky in the most intimate moments in colours like red, brown or black.You can opt for blue too when you are flaunting your asset in a beach.

When it comes to comfort,cotton is the most comfortable material when it comes to thong.It absorbs sweat and gives the wearer utmost confidence.You can opt for synthetic material as well.Silk is a strict no-no when it comes to thongs.

While shopping for thongs for men,be wise,think carefully and choose the right thing.

Happy shopping!


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Thongs for Men – All You Need to Know

The sight of a woman clad in bikini and thong is quite common in beaches and admired by everyone.But how about a man in a thong? Doubtful? Now thongs for men are creating a storm in the world of lingerie of men.Exclusive Mens Underwear
As many brands of designer lingerie are coming up with this new piece,the demand of these inner wears is increasing.You must be thinking of splurging in a new piece of this designer inner wear.But do you know how to find the right one for you or your partner?

Body and Attitude

First thing first, to sport a thong you need to have a super Greek god like physic.Let’s face it,if you don’t have a model like figure and a superb six pack abs, then these thongs are not meant for you.Having a paunch and yet wearing a thong is never a good idea.

With the perfect figure one needs to have a perfect attitude to pull it off.It is not a regular wear.Since it is quite a daring thing, one needs to be confident and comfortable enough to with too much skin show.


Apart from the right attitude, you need to choose the right material.Thongs are not really a comfortable wear to start with. When you are wearing it for the first time, make sure you slip into a right and comfortable material.

Since it will only cover your bare essential,you need to be extra careful so that the material does not make the whole thing all the more uncomfortable.
Comfy Thongs for Men
If you have already sported thongs before then you can opt for leather or PVC.But if this is the first time when you are going to wear a thong you can go for nylon and spandex blend.

These materials can be used with everyday wear too.They offer the right support,fit and comfort.


The next big thing in thong shopping is colour.You will be amazed to know how many colours are available in there.

If you are thinking of wearing it on beach then opt for the colour like blue or grey.

If you are thinking of an electrifying effect in night with your partner,then go for black.For a little more kinky effect choose the pieces with shiny pouch.

Thongs for Men India
Styles vary from the purpose to purpose.If you are looking for a thong to wear in beach, choose the thongs that are with strap.It covers the essential and creates a modest and comfortable look.

If you are thinking of an intimate night with your partner,you can opt for strapless thongs.They provide you with minimal coverage in the front and absolutely no cover on the rear.

The lingerie designers are experimenting with various designs,cuts and styles of the innerwear of men.The demand of thongs for men is increasing in India.

The designers are ready to offer the vast variety to their customers.Make the most of it.

Thongs For Men Defining The Style Quotient Of Contemporary Men

It is always a conscious and thoughtful affair whenever it comes to buying a underwear.  Especially when a man goes out for lingerie shopping then it is never the less important an activity as it happens to be for a woman.

Even a man has hundred reasons to get confused about when it comes to buying the most preferred underpants among several varieties lying before him.

Hustler Fundies- Rip Off BikiniOnce upon a time it was only about making a selection between a boxers or a brief but with time newer varieties came up in the man’s lingerie domain too.

As for briefs, newer types such as bikini briefs, boxer briefs came into being. They are the smaller and the more revealing kinds and they did not mark the end still.

Then, came the time of opting for thongs. They are the more daring and exotic form of the common briefs as men uses to showcase till now.Thongs are of course the more stylish version too for flaunting out the underwear.

Now, there are many who just die for a thong often find it ridiculous to plunge into a shopping spree for the most exotic intimate wear. Therefore the best way to grab their selection of thongs for men in India is to search for them online.

The basic difference between a brief and a thing lies in the appeal and style put forward by them. Apart from that the comfort quotient for both of them are all the same if the selection is made with care. It is a common believe of many men that thongs offer more confidence and that’s the reason they opt for the thongs more often.