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Metamorphosis in Attitude of Indian Women towards Inner-wear

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From secret space to cyberspace: Inner-wear for Indian women was always a matter of hush-hush secrets and was hardly a discussed about topic. Most older Indian women would hardly wear a thing as a bra and the younger lot had to do with the limited number of shops and choices available. Continue reading Metamorphosis in Attitude of Indian Women towards Inner-wear

Loungewear Is Rerouting Fashion on the Path to Comfort

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Lounge wear was the trend that took shape in the 1990’s when designers and fashion experts started the trend of athleisure. Athleisure brand of lingerie gave rise to the trend of lounge wear or wearing or nightwear during the daytime. Lounge wear changed the trend drastically. Women took their night wear and started wearing them to the breakfast tables and long-haul flights and all the new-age workplaces. In the last decade, women have gained much more independence. Feminist movements, many of them have culminated into a mainstream culture of Women becoming the ace of an industry or that of films and various other sectors. This rapid shift has prompted a drastic change in the culture of women’s fashion. Comfort is at the top of the list of tick-boxes. Lounge wear online shopping in India has also picked up major steam. Urban, independent women are breaking the shackles and wearing their nightwear to offices and parties and dinners and many other places. Continue reading Loungewear Is Rerouting Fashion on the Path to Comfort

Perk Up the Night of Passion with Seductive Lingerie and Stun your Partner

Want to surprise your partner with your seductive skills? Or you are headed to your honeymoon with the dream of spending a night full of passion with your husband.

Or else,you are probably thinking of lighting up the old sparks of passion between you two.A well planned night can be right recipe to change the whole dynamic of your relationship with your partner.
Sexy Lingerie SleepwearWhen you are planning for such a night with your partner,you need to take care of many a thing.Food, place,music,setting and lingerie,all of these will play their significant roles in perking up the night for you both.

Right kind of music,scented candles,chosen pieces of online exotic sleepwear, all of these are essential in such night.

Romance with Food

Sharing a romantic dinner with your partner can be the most romantic start of your night.Light up a few candles and play a jazz number.Fill your champagne flutes with red or white wine.Add a few aphrodisiac menus like asparagus or oyster.

Make sure to have chocolate as dessert.It adds feel good emotions and at the same time helps you in the game of arousal.Use your imagination too.

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Set up a Romantic Bath

A warm bubble bath is perfect to ease you up after a long day at work.If you and your partner feel extremely comfortable in each other’s company,you can add seductive massage too.It will not just make you feel fresh but also will help to put down the walls of inhibitions between you two.

Music Magic

When you are planning for a night of pleasure you need to think of all kind of pleasure.Food, bath and massage will take care of it to some extent.A well planned collection of music will add to the magic of the night.Comfortable Nightdress

Add Spark with Sexy Lingerie

The game of hide and seek excites people with anticipation.Lingerie does this exactly the way it should be.When you are planning to give your partner a visual feast,think about his preferences too. Does he like your fierce side of persona? Flaunt your curves with red and black hot pieces.

If he is in love with your feminine charm,stun him with amazing lingerie of lace and soft materials.Choose playful babydolls,easy breezy camisoles from the huge collection offered by the online night dresses in India.

Follow these tricks and trust me, you are going to spend a night full of passion that you have never experienced before.


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Tips to get a proper good night sleep

The importance of a good night sleep

After a long and tiring day, full of activity,the night time is when your body wants complete relaxation.It is the most efficient charger and gets your body and mind ready for the coming day.
e1922f5a55151b1752713f30ab01b567A good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of any human daily routine.The current lifestyle has certainly cut short the night sleep hours, however a proper 7 to 8 hours sleep is compulsory for anyone to stay focused and do their work efficiently.

Here is a list of tips which will help you get proper sleep and wake up fresh and recharged in the morning.

How to get a good night’s sleep

  • Turn off the light. The human body is so conditioned that it gets the best sleep when the surrounding is completely dark.Keeping the light on during night not only adds to the electricity bill but also results in poor sleep.
  • Do not have tea or coffee after dinner.Many tea and coffee addicts generally have a cup of tea or coffee after dinner.This is downright harmful for the night’s sleep as the caffeine level increases in the body leading to improper sleeping pattern.In some cases the evening cup of tea or coffee can also cause insomnia.


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  • Adhere to a schedule.The body clock adjusts itself to the schedule one follows.It is better to go to bed at one particular time in the night in order to avoid irregular sleep patterns.Women Sleepwear
  • Avoid a heavy dinner or too much fluid before bed time.Heavy dinner keeps the digestive system active for long and too much fluid can result in going to the toilet a number of times throughout the night.
  • Wear loose clothes.Night dresses should be kept separate and should be comfortable enough.In countries like India,the night dress is not given proper importance.You can easily buy one from online night dress India store and give it a try.

It will make you feel the difference.Ladies can also check out online night dress India stores for casuals as well as lingerie for the bed.




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Popular Types of Sleep Wear for Women

Probably every night you love to sleep wearing your comfortable overused over washed pyjama and baggy t shirt as they are comfortable.

But what about those nights when you are invited at a friend’s place for a sleep over?You can’t sleep in those baggy t shirts.You will definitely need to pack your most cute and comfortable sleep wear.
Sexy Pink Camisole SleepwearIf you are going to spend a cosy and intimate night with your partner,then you need to look your best in some very feminine outfit.

So,it calls for lingerie shopping.Online exotic sleep wears are available that are perfect to make your nights better.You just need to look for the right type of your sleep wear.

Night Gowns

Night gowns are the most popular night wear of women. Available in many sizes,these are considered to be the most comfortable night wear too.

The material is often cotton or satin.In both cases it is extremely comfortable and smooth against skin.



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Derived from the old form of negligee, this sleep wear is a little sexier that the nightgowns.They come in sheer material with lace detailing, frill and bows.

They are sweet and feminine too. To spend a fun filled night with your partner this can be your right choice.Exclusive Sexy Nightwear


Very comfortable and easy to wear, this pyjama sets are also known as the night suits.

These are perfect to sport if you are planning to spend a night full of chat with dear friends at some sleepover.The cotton, silk,lycra and satin material make it cosy wear.

Sleep Shirts

These slackly made shirts are meant to be comfortable.They are a little baggy to provide you room enough to move freely.Depending on the climate you can chose from a large variety that all the brands online offers.

When you are thinking of buying a night dress for you,log in to your favourite stores site.You will be amazed to find the large variety of online night dresses in India. Choose your own style.

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Cool And Comfy Night Wear For The Dreamy Summer Sleep

Although sleepwear is worn inside the bedroom, but there is immense significance which gets attached to the real importance of wearing and adorning a night suit. Wearing a comfortable night dress is always important in order to get a blissful night sleep.

The scorching summer, on the other hand is not really in any mood to drop down hence it totally depends upon us how can we manage to get the best out of everything. The perfect and perhaps the only ideal way to beat the unbearable heat and the torturous windy rays are to put on somOnline Night dress Indiaething cool on our body and make ourselves cool and calm.

Wearing comfy nightwear seems to be the desirable option which can turn any woman on even during the summer nights. Whether it is a pajama or a sensual chemise, a night dress is always desirable. Many women often get confused regarding which sleepwear to choose for the summery nights.

Some say that buying a cotton kurta or a satin short dress can be beneficial but there are many who are of the opinion of wearing something as cool as a baby doll nightdress. Before splurging on some casual night dress, it is important to know the benefits of each and every comfy style of sleepwear essential for having a great sleep. Some of them have been discussed under the following categories:

Chemise: Long length dress preferably made of satin or lace covers the hip line and tends to offer a very graceful look to the wearer. This can surely be a summer delight as it lets the air to pass through the dress quite easily. Sexy Comfortable Nightwear

Baby dolls: This type of dress in particular can surely be worn during the raunchy nights where one intends to loosen up oneself to the arm of her beloved. These dress forms not only sensualize the wearer but also let her experiment herself with the hottest trends in town.

Pajamas: Huge variety of pajamas is designed every day which are beautifully patterned as per the latest fashion trends. Cool pajamas provide intense comfort to the wearer making her feel her comfy as well as sensual best throughout the night.

Buying online night dress India can be a cool idea where one gets to explore the huge world of fashionable sleepwear on the internet at the best price deals.