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Tips To Take Care Of Men’s Underwear For Long-Lasting Use

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Men’s underwear has always been the least discussed issue. It has always been a purchase and use process. Moreover, we have never bothered about discussing it. Times have changed and so has the attitude. Now you can buy the best underwear for men in India through online purchase. The variety is also mind-blowing. However, if you buy good underwear, you would surely want to keep it for a long time and also make the best use of it. Continue reading Tips To Take Care Of Men’s Underwear For Long-Lasting Use

Opting for Lingerie for Men through Online Shopping

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It is the age of equals where men and women enjoy the equal privileges, fashion and luxury. Hence the idea of lingerie for men has gone beyond the context of vests and underwear. It is now a much larger context where men’s lingerie has gone into the segment of being luxury wear as well. What are the different ways by which the lingerie for men have improved and gone beyond the boundaries of being mere vest and underwear alone! Continue reading Opting for Lingerie for Men through Online Shopping

Three Special Types of Exclusive Innerwear for Men

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Lingerie for men has always had a stereotyped looked and a few specific stores to buy from. Also, there were only a few styles to choose from. Things have changed over the last decade and men are getting the opportunity to think beyond the set norms of a lingerie wear. The entire picture of lingerie for men has undergone an overhaul and there is a wide variety to choose from. Continue reading Three Special Types of Exclusive Innerwear for Men

Things to Know about Men’s Underwear

Yes, you can turn your women on with your lingerie.But buyers, be cautious, there are some severe dos and don’ts when it comes to underwear and what kind of under things you’re putting on.There are so many questions about lingerie for men.
You don’t have to be a specialist while getting underwear for yourself.Just have some basic idea and do know that there are various types of lingerie available for men and not similar for everyone.For instance one might like wearing boxers most of the times and another person might like briefs.

Let me assist you all about lingerie in a short description.

Boxer Shorts:

Boxer shorts are the most common among all and these are the most comfortable ones.Boxer shorts come in an elastic waist, baggy leg just above the knee. Over the years boxers have generated various subtypes.
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Briefs are much more tight fitting underwear which has been in admired from a very long time. Especially men of sporting persuasion and athletes prefer briefs for extra support and comfort.Briefs come in cotton or more stretchable fabrics, have no legs, and have extra fabric/material in front for the male’s bulge. Mens Underwear


Trunk is smaller and more revealing than boxer briefs.Trunks can be loose-fitting or tight, specially worn for sports, boxing, and swimming.

Boxer Briefs:

One of the most favorable types of lingerie is boxer briefs.Boxer briefs come with a longer leg like boxer shorts and the tight fitting nature of brief.Boxer briefs are perfect for those men who are into physical activities as well.According to women, boxer briefs are most appealing type of lingerie for men.

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