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How to Buy the First Ever Bra for Your Daughter?

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Watching your little daughter grow up can evoke a plethora of mixed emotions in your heart and soul. Kids today seem to grow up faster than one has ever imagined. However, for any mother and her child, coping up these challenges can be thrilling and challenging at the same time. Getting the very first bra for your daughter is definitely one of the biggest things, which is why it is the mother’s responsibility to buy something for her which will be hassle-free and smooth for a beginner’s experience. Continue reading How to Buy the First Ever Bra for Your Daughter?

Some Bra Fitting Hacks that Professional Experts Want you to Know

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The pleasure of every bra fitter comes from helping women find their right type of bra that truly fits them. This is a sheer moment of joy. However, this job also comes with a lot of extra challenges. Every day hundreds of women visit lingerie stores to buy innerwear where these professionals offer fitting solutions and new styles to the customers. Providing a seamless shopping experience is on the top of their priority list and they try everything to execute this job smoothly. Continue reading Some Bra Fitting Hacks that Professional Experts Want you to Know

When To Get The First Bra? How To Get It? Read It To Know More

One of the important times in a teenager’s life is buying the first bra, but one might get a bit confused with issues. How does someone know when she will need one? What should one see for in a first bra? Is there any Online Lingerie Store For Women? How does someone measure while purchasing her first bra?

Don’t bother and please don’t panic! This blog will cover everything. One may call it a guide to “How to purchase the first bra?” It should be a joy and overwhelming skill after all, and one doesn’t want to discourage the time by becoming stressed out or thinking clumsy! Continue reading When To Get The First Bra? How To Get It? Read It To Know More

Top 5 Bras That Every Modern Women Should Have In This Season

Not having enough clue which bra to exercise with nice T-shirts? Or top dresses? And the normal service wear?

There will have 5 basic Online Bras For Women that will complement and complete each outfit in the wardrobe. One has given so considerable time improving the wardrobe. That marvelous dress one can use to a glitzy Friday night party or the sassy going girl gear that uses starts when one walks into the room. How concerning this adorable skater dress yourself use for an initial date, and the comfortable shorts and T-shirts combo for when one is lounging with their friends. One has got all the looks pre-planned in the place. But when it works for the people, why does someone always settle for the very old ideas?

No more. Here are 5 bras all girl must own in their closet to perfectly match together with an outfit, even at a moment’s warning! Continue reading Top 5 Bras That Every Modern Women Should Have In This Season

Explore The Cutest Range Of Matching Bras And Panties Online.

A matching bra-panty set should be the sexiest yet the cutest piece in every woman’s lingerie drawer. Nothing can drive a man crazy like a pretty and coordinated lingerie set does. The set not only can woo your man but can also build the confidence inside out. Embracing a matching bra-panty set can make the wearer feel confident from her inside and the same reflects on her outside too. The prettiest and the most sensuous pieces are available online now. With the option of online panty and Online Bra Shopping in India it has truly become simpler to include the best ones from the comfort zone and that also in such reasonable prices. Continue reading Explore The Cutest Range Of Matching Bras And Panties Online.

Underwired Bras Or Non-Underwired Bras – Which Is Better?

Different types of bras are available online for different body types.  Choose to do Online Bra Shopping in India to save more on the most exclusive bras.

The battle between non-wired and underwired bras has been the talk of lingerie world since years. The option of Online Bra Shopping in India has paved the way to explore and buy the most sensuous bras at the best prices without even stepping out of our houses. Continue reading Underwired Bras Or Non-Underwired Bras – Which Is Better?

Some Vital Points To Know When Buying Plus Size Bras.

Several popular Lingerie Stores are there in Kolkata that incorporates the widest range of sexy yet comfortable lingerie pieces for every health and body type.

The curves of a woman’s body make her more sensual as well as attractive. Nothing can adorn the sensual curves better than stunning pieces of luxurious lingerie. If one has found herself frustrated trying to look for the plus size lingerie pieces, do not be dismayed.

The perfect set of lingerie is here. The market of plus size lingerie pieces is growing in demand as more number of full busted women are looking for quality lingerie to flaunt their voluptuous curves. Visit the best Lingerie Stores in the city to explore more such exclusive lingerie pieces. Continue reading Some Vital Points To Know When Buying Plus Size Bras.

Some Fascinating Facts About Different Types of Bras

Bras are worn by every woman every day. The collection of Bra Online is the widest in terms of colors, designs, features, strap styles, as well as price ranges.

From the sportswear to the bralettes, every pieces of Bra Online varies drastically across the online hubs. A few are meant to be visible and some are meant to be unseen. But all of them hold the most beautiful part of a woman’s body. One may not know some crazy facts about these intimate pieces. Some facts are collected and mentioned here. Continue reading Some Fascinating Facts About Different Types of Bras

Embrace The Perfectly Fitted Elevated Bras Presented Online

Online Bra Shopping in India is a better option than buying from market stores since online stores offer the widest range of the best pieces in reduced prices. Moreover, one does not have to rush to the market anymore.

Enclosing the most private part of the closet with attractive intimate wears has become a fashion now. But it is not always possible to visit the market stores to buy those. Moreover, if we don’t find an appropriate in one store, we visit to the next one. This also becomes a hectic. Some ladies even face a bit of embarrassment while speaking about the details of bras like the size, desired shape, etc. For these reasons, it is always a better choice to pick from the online stores. Buying online will keep us away from the embarrassing feeling, one does not have to speak about any private detail, and one does not have to visit many stores since all types can be explored under the same roof.  Beside these, the best bras can be bought at discounted prices from the online sites. Online Bra Shopping in India lets us explore the stunning range featuring trendy bras including padded, non-padded, plus size, underwire and many more bra types. Continue reading Embrace The Perfectly Fitted Elevated Bras Presented Online

Style Your Wardrobe With A Plus Size Bra

A plus size bra is something which can give the right curve to your breasts and make you look elegant even if you are overweight. Moreover, there are many women who likes to wear plus size bras to suit their style quotient. Many plus size bras online shopping brands always advise that people should throw away the misconception that it not always means wearing a size D bra, the size rather varies from brands to brands. The brands make such kind of a bra that suits the bigger breasts very easily.

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Tips to style your wardrobe with your plus size bra

Fashion critics always mentioned that it is not bad to grow healthy, but one can look disastrous if not paired up their dress with a right kind of bra. Continue reading Style Your Wardrobe With A Plus Size Bra

Be a Female Fatale with the Right Lingerie for an Outfit

What are you wearing underneath your clothes? If you are a woman who deals with the human race every day, and even if you never see the daylight, what you wear beneath your garments matters.It is significant to find the perfect bra; it can make a massive difference in how your dresses fit and how you experience in them.
FLEFT969_duskygrey_VM4Particular types of bras, however, function better with particular dresses/tops.Here is an interesting listing of the most excellent bras for different types of clothing.

Try them according to your personality, fashion statement, body shape, and necessity.

Balconette Bra:

Femininity can be showcased at its best with a Balconette Bra.This is perfect for low cut dresses, deep necklines.Balconette bra is designed in such a way that it can provide some additional lift without showing the cut.
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Bandeau Bra:

Great for small-busted women, as this bra does not offer a great support.A bandeau bra is perfect for off shoulder tops, halter-tops, and strappy tops.Often a bandeau bra comes in soft fabrics and additional decoration. Therefore, if someone catches a glance of it, it does not look odd.lalige000876a_bras

Push-up Bra:

If your outfit is low cut and you want to show some of your assets, opt for pushup bras. Push up bra plays a great role to uplift your breasts and creates a fantastic cleavage.

Often comes with soft padding, fancy design & cuts, a push up bra is a staple piece.Strapless push-up bras can also be paired with such dresses or tops that do not have regular straps.

Contour Bra:

If you prefer body hugging tops, fitted or bodycon dresses, then you cannot miss contour bra.Contour bra is designed in such a way that the cups are perfectly structured, and does not provide unnecessary lift to your cleavage.It provides an even, rounded look to your breasts, and you can be comfortable throughout the day.After all, happiness is comfortable lingerie!

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Fit your Big Boobs in the Right Bra that will make you Look Better

It is a problem that everyone faces when they have bigger boobs.There is always the fear of spillage and bulges. But what you should do if you have bigger bust size?Buying the right bra often becomes quite a task.
boobs_woman_close-up_bra_cleavage_1440x900_hd-wallpaper-1365457When you are looking in some online store and after almost a hunt you have found a perfect looking bra the only tension that eats you from inside is whether it will fit you perfectly or not.

A good bra is not just the bra that covers you up properly but gives you good support and confidence.It also should make you look feminine and feel sexy.While you are going to buy bra use these tips so that it becomes easier to find the right piece for your assets.
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Take a look.

Always Get Fitted

Probably you don’t know but your boob size changes.It is the ever fluctuating body shape and weight that can make you bust go heavier.To get the right bra you should always go for fitting.When you are visiting the lingerie store you will be able to get fitted in your right size.

Get the Perfect Liftlalige001071a_bras

The right bra should not squeeze the cleavage.It should give you the perfect lift.The right bra is one that can separate your breasts and give them the perfect lift.Make sure that your bra has the wide shoulder and back band that can give you the perfect support.

Look at the Cup

Choose the right cup and make sure that your breasts fill the cup properly.The underwire and seams should never poke your skin.Choose the right size and make sure that you are comfortable in it.Flaunt your elegance with the rightly fitted bra.

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Lingerie Mistakes your Should Never Make

Are the eyes and catch are stretching themselves to the hilt to provide you support? Does your panty provide you the same comfort that it used to do three years back? Have you ditched those items because they do not channel the same comfort in you?
There is a common saying that 80% women generally choose the wrong lingerie for themselves.It is always a good idea to invest money in the right lingerie.

When you are picking up the pieces from the online lingerie stores make sure that you choose the pieces that will never let you make the famous lingerie mistakes.

Being in the business of lingerie design since quite a few years I have always seen women, irrespective of their ages commit same lingerie mistakes again and again.What are they? Take a look and steer clear of committing them.

Bulges are often the reason of worry for you.You must have seen bulges of your flesh loosely destroying your otherwise perfect look.If you ever find it is happening it means that you have chosen the wrong bra or panty or wearing them in a wrong way.
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When you are shopping bra online or from store you make sure that it sits at the right place in a right way.If you want to get rid of bulges try shapewear.lalige000887a_bras

Panty lines are strict no no.When you are thinking of hitting the dance floor in the little black dress the visible panty lines are strict no.Fitted trousers can also make it obvious.Go for seamless panties and thongs.

No one likes their breasts to get sagging.Choose the bra while shopping bra online that will give you the right confidence and support.

For exercising and walking around the right support is extremely needed.Choose a bra that will give you the right support.

Avoid these mistakes and you will get to live a confident and sexier life.

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Newbie for Lingerie? Know the Must Have Pieces in your Collection

It is quite natural for teenagers and young women to become addicted to lingerie.Well, it is a healthy addiction. Looking up at the billboards ads and fashion magazines make you the women who have all the basic and exotic pieces.

fashion-striped-bra-and-briefs-set-for-women-model-sexy-bras-panties-set-underwear-seamless-oneNow your friends can envy you, you have nothing to fear when you are dressing up since you have got every type of best lingerie in your collection.

When you are thinking to buy lingerie in India make sure that you pick up the best pieces that will give you support, confidence and peace of mind.

Take a look of the must have lingerie pieces.

Classy Corset

When you are wearing a classy vintage styled dress a classy corset is a must have.It gives you the proper shape and makes you look proper and elegant.Basically a corset or garter-dress, as it was used to be called, is an essential part of bridal lingerie too.Play with your classy and sexy choice and opt for the playful corsets that will make you look like a diva.

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Bottom BabeCapture

You lingerie collection is always incomplete without the right bottom piece for flattering your dainty derrieres.Be it a boyshort, a brief or a thong, find what makes you most comfortable and makes you feel more beautiful.It is the secret of a flawless finish or figure and dress.

A Perfect Demi Cup Bra

When you are opting for bra online shopping add a demi cup bra in your closet.It is seamless, classy and exotic lingerie.Want to make your closet a cause of your envy? Adding a lace demi cup bra is a must in your collection.

Opt for the lingerie that is classic pieces.Make your peers envious of your collection and get the peace of mind and satisfaction.


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No one can Choose it Right for You, Choose your Perfect Bra Size – Part 2

Last time we are discussing with you about the various breast shape and the different types of lingerie that are perfect for them.Since we all know that all women are blessed with different types of body and breasts.So, when you are making a major decision, yes, consider it as a major decision, of buying online lingerie in India, choose the right one that is meant for you.
Droopy or Shallow

Either you are born with such breasts or they have become like this after breast feeding.

But no matter what such breasts are like, they are not perfect to flaunt in any dress.But to achieve the perfection you need to get the right bra.Opt for padded push up bra that will lift up and give your breasts the needed support.
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There are lot of women who would die to get a couple of large breasts but they will never understand the pain of having the too much.The best way to carry the body with confidence is choosing the full coverage bra with wide straps and restricted stretch.Thin strap will cause pain and indentation.On the other hand restricted stretch will make it easier to carry. Capture


If you are satisfied with your size and thinking to get the right shape, opt for seamless full coverage bra that will give you a fuller shape.When you are choosing exotic lingerie opt for the push up bras that will make you look fuller.


After the delivery of the kid it is natural to have sensitive breasts.In such a case you need to wear the soft full coverage bra that will give the necessary comfort and support to you.Opt for soft fabric and texture that will make things easier for you.

Bra is women’s best friend.It can make you look great and make you full of confidence.Choose the right one and live with happiness.

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What Kind of Bra You Should Choose for Your Teenage Daughter

Some parents feel uncomfortable about buying a bra for their daughter, but you have to understand that lingerie is necessity, not a luxury.And there are quite a few styles of bra which is bothbra-fit comfortable and age appropriate.

Once your daughter reaches her teenage years, she will experience a roll of changes.As a parent, it is up to you to assist her how to buy a proper fitted bra.

Make your daughter’s first bra shopping episode comfortable and confusion free.

Lingerie stores and online lingerie stores usually offer free fitting services,make sure you are purchasing the proper fitted lingerie for your daughter.

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Opt for bra online shopping and experience the range of styles provided by several online lingerie stores in India. Choose bras which are both comfortable and age appropriate.

Let’s read about some basic bras for your teenage girl.

Everyday Wear Bras:

An everyday bra should be comfortable to put on, but may include separate cups, under wires and even a little light padding to provide some shape and coverage under shirts.Make sure your daughter’s everyday bra is helpful enough to provide full coverage and support.Apart from fun prints and patterns,make sure your daughter owns basic colours such as white, black and nude everyday bra.brunettes-cute-smiling-teenage-girl-with-cleavage

Training Bras:

A training bra comes without padding and under wires. But these bras are comfortable cotton bra for every developing teenage.Look for a comfortable bra which may have cups but may also look a sports bra.

Sports/Fitness Bras:

Make sure your teenager owns a pair of good quality sports bras, if your teenager daughter is interested in fitness and sports.Sports bras must fit tightly and give your youngster ample of support.

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For smaller breasts a pullover, constrictive cloth sports bra is generally fine, but for bigger breasts, your girl may need an adjustable and under wired sports bra which offers good hold and full coverage.