Different Types Of Nightgowns Presented In The Online Store

The freshest Nightgowns Online are designed to upgrade your simple nighties to the stylish embroidered, modest yet feminine, printed and the lacy ones.

A nightgown is a loosely hanging piece of cloth that is exclusively worn by almost all women to make their sleep comfortable and stylish at the same time. A nightgown can be fabricated using cotton, satin, silk, and chiffon fabrics and can be garnished with embroideries, appliqué works, lace borders, or hem stitches.

A nightgown can have any style of neckline, any back style or shoulder strap and can have any type of sleeves. The length of the Nightgowns Online may vary from the floor-length to the hip-length. A short length one is popularly known as the babydolls. The sweep of these nightwears can differ from the virtually straight ones to the full circle sweep types.

Ample of designs are there in these nighttime fashions. Sleeveless or strapless nightgowns may be worn with a complementing outer garment called the robe or a sheer chiffon peignoir to make the nighties look decent and appropriate for receiving the guests. The nightgowns have travelled a long way in their styling, fabric, and usage along with a number of contemporary styles that are ruling the latest trends. Here’s presenting the amazing list of different types of nightgowns that one can choose from according to the needs and purposes.

  1. Babydoll: – Babydoll is a short and sleeveless nightdress designed with noodle straps that is quite similar to a loose fitting negligee. This type of nightgown is fabricated using very transparent materials like silk, nylon or chiffon. It is accompanied with a complementing or matching panty-bra set that has to be worn under the short and sensuous transparent gown. Babydolls have formed cups known as a bralette for showing off the cleavage that falls below the bust line. A flowy type of skirt is seen to be attached below it that hangs till the thigh. The babydoll nightgown can also be adorned with fancy embellishments such as laces, appliqués, ruffles, marabou fur, ribbons, bows, and many more.
  2. Slip: – The straps of this type of nightgown are ultra-thin and spaghetti strap type. Slips are cuts on the bias thus, making these cling to the curves yet swathing elegantly just above the knees. These nighties give a glamorous feeling since satin fabric is used to make these. The bust portion of slips is made with net to give a more feminine touch. The increased lengths of the longer slips are also made using the same netted materials. Slips are available in diverse styles such as pleats, gathers, chemise, ruffles, and fitted.
  3. Peignoir: – Peignoir is the long sleeved nightgown that comes along with a complementing outer garment that comprise of a slip and a robe. These are made from the translucent fabrics such as chiffon and are still referred to as the dressing gown or the bathrobe. The slip is embellished with beautiful laces around the neckline and the robe typically has large side pockets, a self-tie belt, and some lovely lace works on the bell sleeves.
  4. Kimono: – Kimono is the Asian style nightgown that is open in the front side quite similar to a robe. It is available in chiffon, crepe, and cotton. The lace beading at the rim of the neck and the fish eye pattern makes the outfit even prettier. The collar of kimono nightgown has a shawl type of drape. The sleeves are refined with a petite ruffle. The sleeves are broad. The kimono style nightgown is cut for providing the maximum relaxation along with flattering realm line styling. This category of nightgown usually reaches up to the knee length or a little more higher.
  5. Victorian: – This is a floaty and long nightgown the laces and ruffles of which oozes out with timeless gracefulness. The elaborated lace inserts and the mother-of-pearl buttons make it more charming. Usually made up of the most soothing fabric that is cotton.
  6. Flannel: – This is a cozy and warm type of nightgown usually preferred by the idle-aged ladies to stay warm during the wintery nights. Most of these nightgowns are seen with eyelet laces at the neck portion cuffs and the yoke with front button that make these easy-to-wear. The length of flannels may vary.

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