Do Online Bra Shopping Before Going to the Hostel

online bra

Your little woman is going to stay in a hostel. This would be the first time that she would be away from you. As a mother you may be worried for her. And it is especially challenging when it comes to the matter of packing dresses and lingerie for her. However with the availability of online lingerie shopping India things are much easier and you can get most of her innerwear in one single site.

Here is a Checklist of Inner Wear for your Hostel-Goer:

  • Bras: Bras are the most important lingerie inclusion other than panties. Ensure that she has adequate number of bras with her. Other than normal bras, do remember to pack in a few sports bras which she can use during her exercises. In terms of colours, pack in some neutral coloured bras. Blacks and whites are also a must. During the time of relaxation or sleep she can always opt to wear the sports bras. With online bra shopping in India being a reality purchasing different bras would be much easier.
  • Panties: In case of panties, try and choose the ones which would be comfortable for her. Dark coloured panties are best as these would be good for hectic activities as these would look less dirty. Lighter coloured panties becomes dirty easily and it becomes a challenge to remove stains. But do also remember to throw in one or two liht coloured ones which she can pair with light coloured dresses. Just keep in mind that the material of the panties should be comfortable for her for a long day. Also give quite a few numbers so that in case it becomes difficult to dry the panties there always are ones which are spare.
  • Nightwear: Nightwear is an important part of lingerie. Decide nightwear depending on the type she is comfortable in. You can give her cool pajamas to be worn with Tees or even shorts. Or she can also take along some nighties for comfort. It totally depends on the type of night wear she is comfortable in. You can even mix and match for her. You can pick and choose the ones best for her through nightwear online shopping which can give you some very good choices.

Hostel life is fun and difficult at the same time. As a mother you can always ease her stay through packing proper dresses for her, especially focussing on lingerie-wear. La Lingerie is one such company which offers branded lingerie wear at decent process and you can choose the ones best for your daughter.