Reveal Sensuality – Hot Tips to Rock the Strapless Bra Look

Probably often you end up thinking why there is all the fuss around different types of bra when a simple seamless t-shirt bra can serve you best. But when you are eyeing that lustrous off shoulder gown in the fashion garment store you must be thanking your stars for buying the strapless bra last month from your favorite lingerie online store. You surely were thinking it was a waste of money but now you know it is not. Rather probably you are pondering over how to make the strapless look gorgeous.

If you are in such predicament you are absolutely at the right place. Take a look of the few tips that are surely going to help you.

Play with the Size

Buying a strapless bra online is different than buying the regular bra. While it is a strapless story, go a size down for the band as it is the only support that your cups will be getting and a size up for the cups. Obviously droopy boobs can never rock a strapless look.

Make It Stick

Surely you don’t want the disaster of spilling your assets in front of the crowd of party to happen. Make your bra stick to your skin. Opt for silicon or rubber wiring inside the cup. Avoid applying any kind of moisturizer or powder around your breasts as it will make it easy for the bra to slip down.

Try First

This is the only key to success. Go for a trial before you buy. Go to a lingerie store and get the right measurement and trial before buying lingerie in India. Exchanging lingerie is never a good idea since it is not right for your personal hygiene. Eminent brands like never support exchange of lingerie for this reason. Know your size or get measured and then shop.

Strapless can be fun and glamorous. Use the tips and turn heads in the party by showing off your confidence.