Some Bra Fitting Hacks that Professional Experts Want you to Know

bra fitting

The pleasure of every bra fitter comes from helping women find their right type of bra that truly fits them. This is a sheer moment of joy. However, this job also comes with a lot of extra challenges. Every day hundreds of women visit lingerie stores to buy innerwear where these professionals offer fitting solutions and new styles to the customers. Providing a seamless shopping experience is on the top of their priority list and they try everything to execute this job smoothly.

Here are some of the tips recommended by them that every woman can follow buying lingerie-

1. Know the sales associate at the store

You should always prefer to buy lingerie from the same store every time. This will enable you to come to friendly terms with the saleswoman. They will know your measurements by heart. They can also say what type of bra will fit you the most. They will make you familiarise with different styles and patterns available, in case you are a complete noob in this department.

2. Learn about the different bras

Every woman should gather knowledge about the different varieties of bras available in the market. You can subscribe to the newsletter from the store so that you can know about all their latest stocks at the earliest. You can read a variety of magazines, and also follow the store on social media to know about the products that they sell. This way, when the need arrives, you can buy their good quality and fashionable lingerie within affordable prices.

3. Make a bra fitting appointment

This is very important because it helps during lingerie shopping. This is also beneficial if you have to purchase a bra for any special occasion or an event. Nowadays stores are selling bridal lingerie which is worn on the first night of a wedding ceremony. Changing bras once after a few months is very hygienic and also important for the shape fittings. So, when you decide to visit the store in a few days, do not forget to schedule an appointment with her.

4. Wear something comfortable

This should be a major criterion for every woman. You should always pick clothes that are easy to put on. And the aim is to wear comfortable lingerie underneath it. You should also try to buy the right fittings or else you will waste your precious time adjusting your dress in the public. This is also annoying and awkward.

5. Always carry a favourite t-shirt

It is always best to carry a t-shirt with you when you go for bra shopping. Once you try a bra underneath that, you will be able to determine what fits you the best. Whether the bra looks seamless under the dress is something important to notice. If you are shopping for a particular event or occasion, carry that dress so that you can try out the bra under it and see if it does not look odd at all. This will also save a lot of time while shopping so that you can return the bra immediately if it does not fit.

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