Calculating the Perfect Bra Size for Perfect Fit and Comfort

bra size calculator in inches

Bras are make or break part of a woman’s life. There are a lot many aspects which depend on the perfect bra size for women. A perfect bra with a perfect fit would ensure a perfect silhouette and figure and also ensure comfort. However it is important to know the right size through bra size calculator in inches and the process to go about it!

Here’s everything about calculating the right Bra Size:

About Calculating the Bra Size The things needed are just two simple things: a measuring tape and a mirror. Also one must wear non-padded, well-fitted bra.

There are two main calculations that need to be done: the Band Size and the Cup Size –>>

To Calculate Band Size:-
1) The tape must be kept levelled and snug.
2) Once the measure is obtained, it needs to be rounded to its closest whole number. Then if the obtained number is even then 4 inches need to be added to it. If the number obtained after rounding off is an odd one then 5 is added to it to get the perfect band size.
So, if the obtained measurement is 27.5 inches, it is rounded off to 28inches. Then to obtain the band size 4 is added since it is an even number.

–>So, the band size in this case would be (28 + 4 = 32 inches)

To Calculate Bust or Cup Size:-
1) The tape must be wrapped around fullest part of the bust. It should just fit snugly – neither too tight, nor too loose or without falls or twists. This measurement must be rounded off to the nearest whole number. The band size obtained earlier must now be deducted from this measurement.

For example if the bust size is 35 inches and the band size was 32 inches then : (35 – 32 = 3 inches). If 1 is A, 2 is B. 3 is C and 4 is D, then this comes to C.

–>So, the final Bra size would be 32C.


There are a Few Things that needs to be Remembered.

  •  Because we tend to put on or lose weight, it is always better and wise to recheck the size of the bra every 6 months.
    A perfectly fitted bra should cover the breasts well both from the front and the sides as well.
  • The straps of a bra are adjustable and the elevation should be adjusted while standing in front of the mirror to know the desired level.
  • The brand band should be snug but not cutting into the flesh.
    When the bra is sagging irrespective of adjusting the straps, it is an indicator that the bra needs a replacement.
  • In case of specialised bras like under-wired or padded washing instructions must clearly be followed to ensure the longeivity of the bras.

Bra Size Calculator: In good online lingerie companies, the Bra Size Calculator is available at the site itself. All one has to do is to insert the band size and bust size in the required slot and the calculator would give the right size of the bra to be purchased. This helps in two ways : gives the perfect fit size and also makes it simpler for the women to sit at the comfort of their home in private and calculate the size accordingly.

A perfect bra size would definitely give perfect style and comfort.