How to Buy the First Ever Bra for Your Daughter?

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Watching your little daughter grow up can evoke a plethora of mixed emotions in your heart and soul. Kids today seem to grow up faster than one has ever imagined. However, for any mother and her child, coping up these challenges can be thrilling and challenging at the same time. Getting the very first bra for your daughter is definitely one of the biggest things, which is why it is the mother’s responsibility to buy something for her which will be hassle-free and smooth for a beginner’s experience.

On the other hand, your teenage daughter can also feel the awkwardness of the situation, making all this equally daunting for them. Therefore, to help you make the online bra shopping experience easy, pleasant and seamless, here are some tricks and tips that you can follow.

How to understand that your daughter needs a bra?

Observation is the key. You may start noticing that your daughter is developing a need for coverage and support of her breast tissues. This is only possible when the mother starts an engaging conversation with her daughter. Notice for breast buds. This is the beginning stages of breast development. It happens when your daughter is first approaching puberty and is probably also the very first sign of her physical body growth. Around the nipples, a small lump will form. One may feel tenderness and soreness of the breasts when the buds form. Although this is all very normal, your daughter may start to feel extremely self-conscious. This is the perfect time when the mother should start a bra conversation.

The nipples will also get darker in colour and very bigger. The breasts will start to grow in size, in a more pointy shape.

Engage in a teen bra talk

It is highly advisable for the mothers to be very slow and understanding in this case. Every girl desires to wear their first bra after hearing from their friends or watching their elder sister wear one. This can also get awkward for the daughter. Some might lose their confidence, stop playing games or begin comparing their bodies to those of the others. It is important that the mother stays beside her all the time.

Determining her bra type

Your daughter might not know which bra will suit her the best. In such cases, you have to choose the most basic type of bra for her. Did you know that one out of every seven women wears the wrong size of bras? This can be very harmful to the body. Try to know the purpose for buying the bra. Decide whether you will buy her something for the athletic field or to wear under the school unfirm. Find out whether she wants to buy a bra which closes with a hook or a simple slip-on-style. Choosing a few from the teenage bra category can help you shop easy.


This is one of the most significant aspects when it comes to buying a beginners bra for your daughter. Whether it is the padded or the non-padded ones, are under-wired or have no wires, buying a suitable bra is impossible without getting the right measurements. This is imperative and can be done by taking the measurements at home or asking help from a professional bra fitter.

Paying attention to comfort

You can shop for the most comfortable bras from La Lingerie which ensure zero spillage while at the same time gives maximum comfort and support. The level of coverage offered by their teenage bras is praiseworthy. They have layered bras as well which do not show the nipples under the shirt. Given the plethora of designs and styles available at this shop, your daughter can fulfil all her desire of adding the most trendy bra in her first ever collection.