Some Fascinating Facts About Different Types of Bras

Bras are worn by every woman every day. The collection of Bra Online is the widest in terms of colors, designs, features, strap styles, as well as price ranges.

From the sportswear to the bralettes, every pieces of Bra Online varies drastically across the online hubs. A few are meant to be visible and some are meant to be unseen. But all of them hold the most beautiful part of a woman’s body. One may not know some crazy facts about these intimate pieces. Some facts are collected and mentioned here.

  1. Say a big ‘NO’ to excess washing: – The more bras are washed, the shorted the lifespan becomes. Frequently washing of the bras eats away the elasticity of the pieces. In case if the wearer sweats a lot then frequent washing can be done but if not then washing twice or thrice a week is enough. Moreover, a dryer can damage the features of a good quality bra. So just be sure to air dry it.
  2. Keep the sticky bras sticky: – While a normal or a daily wearing bra can survive a washing machine wash, but an adhesive bra cannot. To make the most out of the sticky bras, the designers always suggest washing these using hands and a very mild detergent. The sticky bra pieces vary in lifespan.
  3. A bra is the shield of a woman: – Ever wondered what does ‘bra’ stands for? It is the short form of the French word ‘brassiere’. This term originally means a shield or a guard. This word became quite synonymous with the term ‘bodice’ first and finally became commonly used for describing the latest term ‘bra’ in the 1920’s.
  4. Bras are not the reason for cancer: – Bras don’t cause cancers. In the 90’s there was a belief that a bra traps toxins in the tissues of the breasts and inhibit the lymphatic drainage. This does not have any scientific reason to support the fact.
  5. Bras are not the reason for causing or preventing the sagging of breasts: – If one has heard that wearing a bra every time can also make the breasts sag, then she has heard something very wrong. In the same manner, the wives’ tale says that the bras help in keeping the breasts quite perky. This is also something false. It is firmly believed that the elongation of the suspensory ligaments in breasts can cause them to sag. Many studies have been held in order to support the fact that wearing bras prevent those ligaments from getting elongated. It is the best to just put on a bra because it is the wish of the wearer. As long as a woman herself takes care of her own breasts and her bras in the respective manners, the bra cannot truly hurt or help her health in any ways. Explore the widest collection of different types of bras and continue your Online Bra Shopping in India at the best prices.