When G-Strings Are More Than Just Sexy!

The world of lingerie has widely stretched out its arms to not just changes, but a complete sensual makeover as a whole. With never seen before pieces of undies, this is one apparel domain that has definitely managed to set the house of eccentric style on fire. Speaking of some of the most sexually exciting options that you can lay your hands on while you buy panties online, G-strings and thongs are a must mention at all times. But did you know that thongs are more than just about being ad looking sexy?

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A conventional G-string is one that is made of a single string in the posterior part instead of an entire piece of cloth. This leaves you with a bare butt. Though, an absolute titillating piece of lingerie, not every woman is comfortable carrying themselves off in a G-string that is otherwise termed as a thong. Like it or don’t, the truth lies in the fact that you cannot completely ignore a thong or shun it out of your erotic lingerie collection. It is definitely an indispensable part of you innerwear collection. What adds on to its popularity is the importance that it bestows on a woman on a technical basis. Before we move on, let us throw some light on occasions when a G-string can not only prove to be a saviour, but a necessity as well.

Your frequent G-string moments

Your favourite low waists – Low waist jeans are a rage in the fashion world in the present times. They are one of the simplest chic mode to give your look an instant transformation by not just making you look hot, but adding on to your smart edged personality. Now that have put on your favourite low waist jeans, it would be absolutely disgusting to have the hem of your panty stick out when you walk out of the doors. It is here that a thong can definitely prove to be a saviour.

Your dress’s best friend – Dresses are a favourite for all. Given the fact that the market of dresses has an amazing range of options to let out, it has managed to become a hot favourite for women of all age groups. The thing with a figure hugging dress is that it has a prime tendency to accentuate your figure in the best possible way. However getting the shape of your panty highlighted from underneath can prove to be an absolute disaster.

Short length dresses – What you prefer wearing beneath a short length dress is what highlights your taste. A sagging piece of cloth is definitely not something that you would like to show off in case you bend down. Try opting for a G-string instead that will help your carry yourself with an added level of confidence.

A light weight or thin fabric – Choose a neutral or skin coloured stockings beneath over thongs when you wear an absolute light fabric, instead of wearing a regular panty. This not just adds on to the style quotient, but helps you be the confident you at all times.

Having the right kind of sexy lingerie as a part of your closet is definitely an added benefit at all times. It helps accentuate those extra curves on your body, while adding an extra edge to your look at the same time.