Surprise Your Wife on Your Honeymoon – Shower Her with Love

The special moment for a couple starts after the wedding ceremony is over.It is the moment that everyone dreams to spend together.Once you have set for your honeymoon trip, you need to get prepared to create a beautiful cocoon and stay inside in it before you come back to your daily mundane routine.
Gorgeous-Night-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-GirlsGifting is the best gesture to show that you love.If you are thinking about showering your love on her,your wife, honeymoon is the best time.

Show her you care for her and put a little thought to your gestures.Gift her something that will not only make her happy but also make the moments memorable that you are going to spend together.

Wondering what you will gift her? Take a look.


Jewellery is always the best friend of women.On the day you arrive at the dream location gift her with a pearl set or a diamond solitaire ring.Trust me, she will love it.You can also incorporate some personal touch in it.Give her a love band and get your names or initials engraved in them.

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Romantic Bubble Bath

Nothing can be as romantic as a tub full of bubbles and scented candles and chocolate surrounded your bathtub.If she is comfortable enough with you, ask her to slip into the tub amidst the bubble.The wine, warm light of candle and chocolate will get you in the mood of romance.

Gift Hamper carrying Massage Products
Sexy Night Wear
Surprise her with a gift hamper carrying the luxurious massage product.If you are thinking to spend some intimate time with her, the best foreplay you both can opt for is an intimate body massage.The hamper may contain body oils, massage and scrub.


Another intimate gift that will blow her mind is some amazing sleepwear and night dress.Take care of her favourite colour and material.If she is feisty and bold,gift her something in red or black.

If she is still a little shy, beige, blush pink and blue are perfect for her.The best way to find online night dress in India or online exotic sleepwear is the reputed stores who will take care of all your need.


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This is the time that is never going to come back.Make sure that you and your wife make the most of it, so that when you will come back you can spend the rest of mundane days with the memoires.