Scientists have proved that lingerie is much more significant than just being intimate apparel

Men love lingerie

Whether your beloved husband or boyfriend admits it or not, men love lingerie.The fact, while much more openly accepted in western countries such as USA and UK, is something almost never admitted up by the Indians.

The social taboo over anything related to sex or remotely sexual might be the prime reason behind such behavior.However,now even scientific study has proven that men love lingerie.

Sexy Lingerie OnlineScientists prove lingerie as a positive stimulant

In a bizarre experiment involving rats, it was found that male rats who were allowed to mate with jacketed female rats (tiny jackets which worked as rat lingerie) always preferred mating with a jacketed female over an unjacketed one.

Subsequent experiments and various combinations and tests also established the fact that while mating with a jacketed female,the male rat ejaculated more quickly and found more pleasure than those mating with unjacketed females.



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Even though rats are not similar to humans,the effect is quite similar in both the cases.If getting your partner excited isn’t reason enough for you to try out lingerie, here are a few more reasons found through social experiments on why you should definitely wear lingerie –

Boost self esteem – It has been found that the person who feels confident about oneself leads a happier and more successful life.Admiring yourself in the perfect lingerie can be great in boosting your self esteem and make you love yourself.Buy Lingerie India

Get your feminism self out – The society is patriarchal all over the world. In this scenario,where the media is continually objectifying the female body,wearing lingerie just for your self is an act of feminist in itself.

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Emphasize your shape – It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or curvy.The right size will boost your figure like never before.Just try the online lingerie in India stores if you are too shy to go to the nearest mall.

Rekindle the old love – Get sexy lingerie from the online lingerie in India store and reignite the old flame.


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