Surprise Your Wife on Your Honeymoon – Shower Her with Love

The special moment for a couple starts after the wedding ceremony is over.It is the moment that everyone dreams to spend together.Once you have set for your honeymoon trip, you need to get prepared to create a beautiful cocoon and stay inside in it before you come back to your daily mundane routine.
Gorgeous-Night-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-GirlsGifting is the best gesture to show that you love.If you are thinking about showering your love on her,your wife, honeymoon is the best time.

Show her you care for her and put a little thought to your gestures.Gift her something that will not only make her happy but also make the moments memorable that you are going to spend together.

Wondering what you will gift her? Take a look.


Jewellery is always the best friend of women.On the day you arrive at the dream location gift her with a pearl set or a diamond solitaire ring.Trust me, she will love it.You can also incorporate some personal touch in it.Give her a love band and get your names or initials engraved in them.

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Romantic Bubble Bath

Nothing can be as romantic as a tub full of bubbles and scented candles and chocolate surrounded your bathtub.If she is comfortable enough with you, ask her to slip into the tub amidst the bubble.The wine, warm light of candle and chocolate will get you in the mood of romance.

Gift Hamper carrying Massage Products
Sexy Night Wear
Surprise her with a gift hamper carrying the luxurious massage product.If you are thinking to spend some intimate time with her, the best foreplay you both can opt for is an intimate body massage.The hamper may contain body oils, massage and scrub.


Another intimate gift that will blow her mind is some amazing sleepwear and night dress.Take care of her favourite colour and material.If she is feisty and bold,gift her something in red or black.

If she is still a little shy, beige, blush pink and blue are perfect for her.The best way to find online night dress in India or online exotic sleepwear is the reputed stores who will take care of all your need.


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This is the time that is never going to come back.Make sure that you and your wife make the most of it, so that when you will come back you can spend the rest of mundane days with the memoires.

To Wear or Not to Wear – How to Know that You are Wearing a Wrong Bra?

Well, a bra can’t talk.But if only it could talk it would have made you aware that you are doing it wrong and how.No wonder, bra is your best friend.But it can’t help you by telling you that you have chosen the wrong one.
Sexy bra online shoppingWhen you are going to shop for lingerie you will see racks after racks bra that will keep on staring at you silently and wait that you will choose the right one.

The salesgirls will come to your rescue, true.But at the end of the day, it will be you who will decide what the right piece is for you.

There is a fine line between kind-of-well-fitted and the perfect fit. When you are going to a store for bra shopping or visiting a store for bra shopping online, you need to know how you will be able to determine the right piece for you.

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The Signs of a Wrong Bra

It Should not Leave any Bruise

Wearing a bra shouldn’t be painful.It will feel effortless to carry the right one.But if the strap is digging in your shoulder and you feel nothing but pain, you have opted for the wrong one.

The under wire shouldn’t pierce your chest or create any bruise.If you find any red mark on your skin after trying a bra, ditch it and opt for the next one.

Wrinkled Cups and Overflowing Boobs

Wrinkled cup are not desirable.When you are wearing a bra with wrinkled cup it will be visible since the thin fabric won’t be able to hide it.It will look bad, big time.When you find a bra with such cup, time to go for the next.bra online shopping

Wearing a bra and feeling like you have four boobs instead of two? That’s a strict no-no.The cup should cover the assets seamlessly.If it makes you feel overflowing, don’t buy that one.The cup size is not right for you.

The Riding up Back Strap

The bra strap should go horizontally in the middle of the back.It should run parallel with the front of the bra.If the back strap is riding higher then it is indicating that the bust is not getting enough support and the boob will be sagging.

When you are buying the bra for yourself make sure that you can breathe freely.Remember if the bra reminds you of its existence, it is not the right bra for you.


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Become the Seductress of the Night – Make Your Wedding Night Special with Sensuous Lingerie

Wedding nights are always special.It is the first night that you are going to spend with your spouse. She is not just anymore your lover or girlfriend.She is the significant other half of your life.It is your job to make her look and feel sexy, especially for the night.
Sexy Lingerie Online
The actual fun of weddings begins after the guests are gone.After the entire hectic schedule if you want to get in the mood you need to make a few preparations.What are the preparations? Mood, music or exotic lingerie? Take a look to know more.

Don’t Keep your Eyes Off

It is natural that you will be busy attending all your guests. But in between you can surely steal some personal moments with each other.Let your eyes do the talking.

Keep on flirting with each other. Glance at each other; whisper to each other.These moments will help you to perk up the passion in you.


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Create the Atmosphere

Once you are in your nest, you need to create the atmosphere.To create the right atmosphere you need to do a few things.Music is the food of love.Make a playlist to caress her senses.The playlist will also convey the fact that you care and have put a lot of thoughts in it.Fragrance is the creator of mood in many ways.

Fill the room with exotic fragrance.Place a few scented candles in the room.The room will not only be filled with the fragrance but also with the warm glow of candle.The best idea will be a scented bubble bath.If you both are comfortable enough with each other, slip into the bubble filled tub with her.Exotic Lingerie

Food is a Great Aphrodisiac

To spend some intimate moments the best idea is to share some food.Food is a perfect aphrodisiac.Feed her with strawberries, melon balls and chocolate truffles.Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac.Honey and oyster also boost up the libido.

Jazz it up with Sexy Lingerie

Love isn’t necessarily blind.Add sparks with exotic lingerie.You can add a little bit kinks in your coupling with a little wild sex toys and accessories.

If you have already spent the intimate moments with your partner try to create the first time again.You can also buy sexy lingerie online for her that will give her the hint of your choice too.

Make the night memorable for her as the moments you are going to spend will stay with you forever.

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The Right Type of Lingerie when you are in the Party Mood

It must have been quite a difficult task to hunt down the dress that you are going to wear in tonight’s party.But it must have been equally difficult task to find out what lingerie suits you and your dress best.

Now when you are getting ready to go for the party and hit the dance floor, you also need to know about the right type of lingerie that you are going to sport in party.


When you are going to dance and rock the party,a visible bra strap will be the last thing that you will want.

Or even a visible panty line is also too much embarrassing that will be showing up when you are wearing a too tight party wear.

Exotic lingerie comes to rescue when you are wearing a party wear. But what are the pieces that will make it perfect for you. Let’s find out.


When you are hitting the dance floor and going to blow the mind of everyone with your killer moves, a visible line of your panty will be a spoiler.


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Let’s start with the most essential.You can opt for G-strings thongs that will help you to conceal the obvious panty line and make you feel more comfortable when you are wearing a bodycon or tight fit pants.

When you are not comfortable enough in sporting a thong, wear seamless panties that will save you from open embarrassment.


It is quite obvious that you must be suffering from the complex of extra bulges around your stomach. You definitely don’t want to wear a skimpy party wear and show off your bulge.You can’t afford to skip those amazingly tasty pizzas either.

The only thing that can save you is your shapewear.It will seamlessly hide your bulge when you are actually splurging on food. It gives the desired shape that a corset gives.The advantage is it also makes your upper thighs shapely and toned.

Stick On, Push Ups and Low Cut Bra

Party dresses mean right amount of skin show at the
right places.When you are going to a party and sporting a backless number,you surely would not want to ruin the look by showing your bra strap.It will not only spoil the whole attire but also make you look vulgar as well.

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Opt For strap less stick on bras.They will give you required support and also help you to make a style statement.If you are thinking to wear a dress and flaunt your sultry cleavage,a push up bra is your thing.It will not only give support and lift up you confidence but also will help you to appear just as a seductress.

Have recently spent a fortune on a dress of low neckline? Obviously you can’t ditch your bosom buddies.Opt for low neckline bra that will provide you with heavy duty support.

When you are going to buy your lingerie for today’s party night, keep the design of your dress in mind.It will save you from the trouble of choosing the wrong pieces.

Thongs are in Vogue – Why Men Should Wear Thongs?

Love them or hate them but you surely can’t ignore them.Thongs for men are in vogue these days.Yes, the barely-there piece of clothing that you must love on your woman when you are in mood is now turning head of women when men are stepping out in them in the beach or in bedroom.
Thongs for Men IndiaIf you want to surprise your spouse with a little touch of kinkiness,thong is the best thing that can turn her on.I understand that all men love to have a visual feast;they love their women in skimpy pieces.

However, what most of the men fail to realise is,they can become a perfect visual treat too to their women.

If you are thinking to drive her wild, thong is your thing.You must be thinking that it is taboo, let me tell you,thongs for men is quite popular and men are even claiming that they find thongs quite comfortable even.Thongs are the best part of men clothing when they are spending time in beach.

To light up an erotic night,thongs can be your best friend too.Just the pouch and the attached string make it sexy attire.It leaves a very little to imagination and most part of the bum remains exposed.


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While buying the thong for yourself or your boyfriend you need to know a few things, take a look.

While choosing a thong you need to think about the comfort level of the wearer.If the wearer does not have the confidence to pull off the barely-there look, a thong will become disastrous.At the same time you need to think about the body of the wearer too.If your stomach is already bulging with fat, thong is not meant for you.Exclusive Thongs

You can get many varieties in colours.White is a basic colour of thongs for women.But men can look really sexy and kinky in the most intimate moments in colours like red, brown or black.You can opt for blue too when you are flaunting your asset in a beach.

When it comes to comfort,cotton is the most comfortable material when it comes to thong.It absorbs sweat and gives the wearer utmost confidence.You can opt for synthetic material as well.Silk is a strict no-no when it comes to thongs.

While shopping for thongs for men,be wise,think carefully and choose the right thing.

Happy shopping!


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A Right Bra to Make You More Confident in Any Dress

Lingerie makes a woman beautiful and confident.It is the unique quality of lingerie that makes the wearer confident with her own skin.

When you are wearing a beautiful dress but with a wrong bra you are surely running the risk of either appear sloppy or spilling out.Exotic lingerie is needed for such situations.

Sexy LingerieEvery dress needs a specific pair of bra to make the look complete.The t-shirt bra that you always slip in won’t work with the dress with plunging neckline or a deep back.

To choose the right pair of bra with your dress you need to know about the specific bra that you can opt for.

Take a look of the various types of bras.Online lingerie stores in India are offering numerous types of bras.Know before you choose your style.

Balconette Bra

This type of bra is demi-cup that goes perfectly well with the plunging neckline dresses.The general things about these bras are the straps are generally wide apart and the cups are set quite low.

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They are generally underwired to provide the full support to the wearer.When you are headed for a party wearing gown or a saree with deep plunging neckline blouse, this bra is perfect for you.

Contour Bra

These types of bra are mostly boast on the molded cup that gives full support to the wearer.They are perfect as they feet seamlessly and disguise any obvious outline of nipple.La Lingerie India

The thin layer foam and underwire gives a perfect shape to your breasts and make you feel perfectly confident.T-shirt and push-up bras are common types of contour bra.

Convertible Bra

This type of bra is a must have.Convertible bras are mostly adjustable bra that can be worn with any dress.They come with adjustable strap.

You can adjust it with the dress you are wearing.You can turn it to halter neck, criss-cross back.You can go strapless as well.

Lingerie is not just a dress article.It brings out the beauty and sexiness from woman.Choose sexy lingerie online and flaunt your style confidently.

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Perk Up the Night of Passion with Seductive Lingerie and Stun your Partner

Want to surprise your partner with your seductive skills? Or you are headed to your honeymoon with the dream of spending a night full of passion with your husband.

Or else,you are probably thinking of lighting up the old sparks of passion between you two.A well planned night can be right recipe to change the whole dynamic of your relationship with your partner.
Sexy Lingerie SleepwearWhen you are planning for such a night with your partner,you need to take care of many a thing.Food, place,music,setting and lingerie,all of these will play their significant roles in perking up the night for you both.

Right kind of music,scented candles,chosen pieces of online exotic sleepwear, all of these are essential in such night.

Romance with Food

Sharing a romantic dinner with your partner can be the most romantic start of your night.Light up a few candles and play a jazz number.Fill your champagne flutes with red or white wine.Add a few aphrodisiac menus like asparagus or oyster.

Make sure to have chocolate as dessert.It adds feel good emotions and at the same time helps you in the game of arousal.Use your imagination too.

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Set up a Romantic Bath

A warm bubble bath is perfect to ease you up after a long day at work.If you and your partner feel extremely comfortable in each other’s company,you can add seductive massage too.It will not just make you feel fresh but also will help to put down the walls of inhibitions between you two.

Music Magic

When you are planning for a night of pleasure you need to think of all kind of pleasure.Food, bath and massage will take care of it to some extent.A well planned collection of music will add to the magic of the night.Comfortable Nightdress

Add Spark with Sexy Lingerie

The game of hide and seek excites people with anticipation.Lingerie does this exactly the way it should be.When you are planning to give your partner a visual feast,think about his preferences too. Does he like your fierce side of persona? Flaunt your curves with red and black hot pieces.

If he is in love with your feminine charm,stun him with amazing lingerie of lace and soft materials.Choose playful babydolls,easy breezy camisoles from the huge collection offered by the online night dresses in India.

Follow these tricks and trust me, you are going to spend a night full of passion that you have never experienced before.


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Scientists have proved that lingerie is much more significant than just being intimate apparel

Men love lingerie

Whether your beloved husband or boyfriend admits it or not, men love lingerie.The fact, while much more openly accepted in western countries such as USA and UK, is something almost never admitted up by the Indians.

The social taboo over anything related to sex or remotely sexual might be the prime reason behind such behavior.However,now even scientific study has proven that men love lingerie.

Sexy Lingerie OnlineScientists prove lingerie as a positive stimulant

In a bizarre experiment involving rats, it was found that male rats who were allowed to mate with jacketed female rats (tiny jackets which worked as rat lingerie) always preferred mating with a jacketed female over an unjacketed one.

Subsequent experiments and various combinations and tests also established the fact that while mating with a jacketed female,the male rat ejaculated more quickly and found more pleasure than those mating with unjacketed females.



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Even though rats are not similar to humans,the effect is quite similar in both the cases.If getting your partner excited isn’t reason enough for you to try out lingerie, here are a few more reasons found through social experiments on why you should definitely wear lingerie –

Boost self esteem – It has been found that the person who feels confident about oneself leads a happier and more successful life.Admiring yourself in the perfect lingerie can be great in boosting your self esteem and make you love yourself.Buy Lingerie India

Get your feminism self out – The society is patriarchal all over the world. In this scenario,where the media is continually objectifying the female body,wearing lingerie just for your self is an act of feminist in itself.

Go on and buy lingerie in India,the country which is already making headlines for being one of the most unsafe countries for women.

Emphasize your shape – It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or curvy.The right size will boost your figure like never before.Just try the online lingerie in India stores if you are too shy to go to the nearest mall.

Rekindle the old love – Get sexy lingerie from the online lingerie in India store and reignite the old flame.


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Check out the various fashion websites to buy lingerie in India from the comfort and privacy of your dwelling.

Tips to get a proper good night sleep

The importance of a good night sleep

After a long and tiring day, full of activity,the night time is when your body wants complete relaxation.It is the most efficient charger and gets your body and mind ready for the coming day.
e1922f5a55151b1752713f30ab01b567A good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of any human daily routine.The current lifestyle has certainly cut short the night sleep hours, however a proper 7 to 8 hours sleep is compulsory for anyone to stay focused and do their work efficiently.

Here is a list of tips which will help you get proper sleep and wake up fresh and recharged in the morning.

How to get a good night’s sleep

  • Turn off the light. The human body is so conditioned that it gets the best sleep when the surrounding is completely dark.Keeping the light on during night not only adds to the electricity bill but also results in poor sleep.
  • Do not have tea or coffee after dinner.Many tea and coffee addicts generally have a cup of tea or coffee after dinner.This is downright harmful for the night’s sleep as the caffeine level increases in the body leading to improper sleeping pattern.In some cases the evening cup of tea or coffee can also cause insomnia.


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  • Adhere to a schedule.The body clock adjusts itself to the schedule one follows.It is better to go to bed at one particular time in the night in order to avoid irregular sleep patterns.Women Sleepwear
  • Avoid a heavy dinner or too much fluid before bed time.Heavy dinner keeps the digestive system active for long and too much fluid can result in going to the toilet a number of times throughout the night.
  • Wear loose clothes.Night dresses should be kept separate and should be comfortable enough.In countries like India,the night dress is not given proper importance.You can easily buy one from online night dress India store and give it a try.

It will make you feel the difference.Ladies can also check out online night dress India stores for casuals as well as lingerie for the bed.




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How to get the right bra size?

Get your bra size right

Finding the right size of bra seems to be a major problem. The reason behind this is that women in India find it extremely embarrassing to spend enough time at the lingerie department in any store and to try on different sizes of bra to find which one suit them best.

This leads to the inevitable aesthetic and health problem.An ill fitting bra can result in terrible back pain,breast ligament wear and tear,migraine,and shoulder indentation.Thus,it is essential that one gets the correct  bra size.
article-2218933-158AF40D000005DC-901_634x669How to measure the size of bra

Step 1: Measure the band size.

This is the size of your chest just below the breasts. Exhale properly and get the minimum size rounded off to the nearest whole number.

If the number is odd,go to the next even number while choosing bra.

Step 2: Measure the cup size.

While standing straight and hands in a stretched position get the measurement of the fullest part of your breast.Round off to the nearest whole number.

If you are taking help and wearing a bra,make sure it is non-padded and does not flatten your breast.

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Get the difference between this measurement and the band size.Then follow the given table for the cup size –

  • Negative value – AAAA
  • Less than 1 – AA
  • 1” – A
  • 2” – B
  • 3” – C
  • 4” – D
  • 5” – DD or E
  • 6” – DDD or F
  • 7” – DDDD or G

However, the right size should also be determined based on comfort.Sexy Lingerie Online

How to know is the size of the bra is right

  • The right bra should fit comfortably and you should be able to put two fingers under the band.
  • The cup should be full and should not have spill over nor extra room within.
  • While moving your arm if the cup rides up, try adjusting the band to smaller size.
  • Back fat bulging out means that  the size is not right.

The online lingerie India stores now make it easier for women to buy lingerie India.Some of the online lingerie India stores also have calculator to help you correctly measure bra size.

When you buy lingerie India from the online stores,you can also check out some exclusive lingerie for special occasions.


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Exotic Lingerie
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Add a little touch of kink and wildness in your coupling with the accessories that we bring for you.

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Impress your Spouse with Your Sexy Ideas – Gift them Lingerie

It is obvious that your wife or girlfriend love gifts.Make them fall in love with you again.Gift them a gift that will not only show that you care but also will make them realise that you pay attention to their taste and comfort.Gift them lingerie.It is personal and thoughtful.

Often guys get flustered while they enter the lingerie store.The mere idea of buying lingerie seems intimidating to them.Asking for help to the shop attendants seems daunting idea.But believe me,it is not that difficult and nobody is judging you.

ddf76c2fc30211538914770b35ea5515If you feel tremendously uncomfortable buying lingerie from store,you can opt for online shopping. Online lingerie stores in India are bringing their amazing collections that will blow your mind as well as your partner’s.

When you are thinking of buying exotic lingerie for her,you must be confused about various things,probably for the whole lingerie buying mission.Here are some tips for you that will help you to make it easier.

Do a Little Homework

When you are buying the lingerie the first thing you need to know about your partner is the size.Browse through the wardrobe of your spouse.Try to know her size.You need to know what the size that she feels comfortable in is.


Image Courtesy :

Comfort is the main thing that your partner will look for.For that you need to know the right size that will be perfect for her.

Choose the Material Carefully

When you are gifting her with skimpy and sexy lingerie, you are surely looking forward to a night of deep passion.But you can ruin it if you choose a harsh material and that starts pinching her skin.Sexy Lingerie Online India

It will not only make her uncomfortable but also will ruin the whole surprise for her.Choose the material that will give a smooth feel on her skin.

Make Sure you know Her Taste

When you are gifting your significant other with exotic lingerie you need to make sure that you know her taste.Think about the personality of your loved ones while gifting spouse with a beautiful piece of lingerie.Choose the colour according to their personality.

Red or black colours are for women who have the fierce personality.If she is of soft personality then choose colours like pink,beige or blue.

Choose perfect lingerie for her and show her that you love.

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Introducing Ideal Lingerie for Your Wedding!

Attention Naughty Brides! Do you want to add on something extra to your wedding night? In doubt what to wear? That’s why we’re here!

Wedding signifies the beginning of a new life.It’s the time when you get to know your better half closely,literally. And it starts with the first night of your wedding day. Hence,bridal lingerie has a special role to play here.To make the whole bridal attire completes,you must make sure to get the right sexy bridal lingerie.
Sexy Lingerie OnlineAs we’ve said earlier,if you’re shopping online you’re going to be welcomed by a huge variety. Try out separate wedding collection lingerie as wedding lingerie is very different from your usual lingerie.

Make sure that every item is of a different type and color and focus on support and comfort.

Corset: Corset is absolutely different type of lingerie and evolved as an erotic part of lingerie. Earlier,it was used to lift up breasts.Recently, a corset comes with adjustable straps and laces in the back and it is transparent as well.Jazz up your appearance on your special night with sheer vintage style corset.

Image Courtesy :

Garter belt: You can try garter belt without panties.Put it around your waist and attach some thigh highs or stockings along with high heels.Complement you look with a similar bra for an erotic look.

Erotic night wear: You must go for some sexy and lacy bras, nighties in a variety of styles.Make sure you are buying minimum two baby doll nighties and teddy nightie.The baby doll nightie comes with a fixed bra cups and a flowing loose-fitting gown to the upper thigh or waist.Buy Lingerie India 456

Apart from these things,you can opt for one over sized white sheer shirt, night glow bras & panties,lace bra & skirt set, a couple of camisoles,matching pair of panties & sheer robes.

These days,sexy lingerie online shopping is one thing that is making an impact on people from all over the world.

It goes without saying that, if you are opting for online lingerie shopping,you have an option to shop by color,fabric,style and much more.

Your search for sexy lingerie online & bra online shopping ended with la lingerie,a complete store with a wide collection of lingerie.



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Lingerie myths and truths

The “forbidden” truth

Lingerie is one of the least spoken topics in India.The taboo on anything related to sex or remotely sexual has resulted in a baseless secrecy surrounding something  which probably excites men and women alike.
Buy Lingerie IndiaAs is the case with anything “socially unacceptable”,there are quite a number of lingerie myths which have shunned many enthusiasts over the years.

Thankfully,as is with most myths,these lingerie myths can be easily busted through a little careful research into the topic.

Let us take a peek at these myths and see if you actually feel excited to buy lingerie in  India.

Myth 1: Lingerie costs astronomical amounts and can only be afforded by celebrities

No doubt, celebrities take the pleasure of getting some of the insanely costly lingerie, but not all lingerie happens to be that costly.


Image Courtesy :

Most lingerie costs less than a movie show at a multiplex and most certainly is a lot more enjoyable, for both the spouses.

Anyone believing this myth is certainly going to be surprised on browsing through the price list of some of the best lingerie brands.

Myth 2: Shopping for lingerie is extremely difficult

Well,this probably originated at a time when no one knew about online shopping.In the current scenario this definitely does not hold true anymore.

One can check out online lingerie India stores for some of the most exquisite brands of lingerie.
Sexy Lingerie Online India
This also saves the men the added discomfort of going through the lingerie section of a shopping mall.

In case of men,if you are planning to surprise your spouse by gifting sexy lingerie,though,it will be better to take a peek into her drawer and get the sizes right before checking into the online lingerie India websites.

Myth 3: Lingerie does not serve any purpose

Men,let your wife try on sexy lingerie one night; and women, look at the eyes of your better half as he looks at you in the sexy pieces,and then get back to this point.Does the lingerie still seem to serve no purpose at all?

So,get to the best store to buy lingerie India today and enjoy some of your life’s most memorable moments.

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Make the Honeymoon Memorable – Romantic and Sexy Gift Ideas for Newly Weds

Maybe you are tying knot with your love of life after a long courtship. Maybe you are getting married after just a few meetings. However, after the wedding you are going to step into a new life.

But the time you are going to spend with your spouse in your honeymoon will be a golden memory that you will cherish forever.
Bridal LingeriePerk your nights up with a few gift ideas. They are sexy, they are romantic. Most importantly they will be parts of a beautiful memory.

Lace Lingerie

Lace is classy and timeless. A set belief is that red and black lingerie are sexiest.

But we often forget that for a shy girl, colours like blue, blush pink and white does wonder.

Gift your wife with lace exotic lingerie in these colours.


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She will love it and you will be gifted with a cosy and romantic night you have never dreamed before. Opt for shopping sexy lingerie online. You will get a huge variety to choose from.

Seductive Fragrance

A basket of sensual scents is perfect for arousing your partner with a seductive massage. Bubble baths, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions are perfect to share before a warm bath together. Vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood are known to be sexy fragrance.

Robes to Unrobe Sexy Lingerie Online

After a cosy close shower you want to wrap yourself up in your fluffy robes. Gift your partner the robes. They are comfortable, warm and sexy.

Feast to Ear

Music is the food of love. Make it more delicious. Compile a CD with love songs and surprise your partner with the songs. She/he will be surprised to find that you know what they like to listen.

A new life is waiting for you ahead, a life of challenges and new experiences. But before you step into that life, make the most of the time you will get to spend together.



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