How to find a right Maternity Bra for Your First Time Pregnancy

Buying bra during pregnancy is quite a crucial decision to make.It is always a tough decision for all the mom-to-be.It is the time when your breasts outgrow all your fashion bras.Lingerie is the most intimate thing for any woman.

It is obvious that you won’t like the fact that the rulebook of measurement changes with your pregnancy.

But during your pregnancy you need to choose the perfect lingerie that will provide you the much needed support and make you look confident.

Here are a few things that you need to know about maternity lingerie before you buy lingerie in India.

How Maternity Bra is Different from Regular Bra

Now the lingerie designers know that women needs same support, comfort and appeal from the bra they wear even during their pregnancy.That is why they design the nursing or the maternity bra as same appealing as a regular bra is.
Like a regular bra, nursing bra has the same hook-and-the-eye clasps to keep it at the right place to get the full support.A nursing bra bands are always wider than a regular bra so that it can hold up the milk laden breasts.

Cotton is the most favored fabric for any would be mom or nursing mom.It gives the comfort against sensitive skin.It dries quickly and it lets your skin breath.
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The Right Fit

For maternity or nursing bra the right fit is most important thing.It should not be too tight as it will affect your breast tissues and will hurt your sensitive breasts.It also should not be too loose as it will contribute to the sagging breasts.

Is Underwire Bra a Safe Option?

During pregnancy or just after your child’s birth you need to take extra care of your breasts tissues so that it doesn’t cause clogged milk ducts.For underwire bras it is quite risky for a mother as it has a chance to hurt your breasts tissue.

Use this knowledge and opt for the right maternity bra during and after your pregnancy.