The Classics, the Functionals, the Enhancers, the Novelties and the New Fangled- Types of Bras

The bra has been the icon of femininity since centuries. With science the simple supportive inner garment has advanced and has become the everyday essential of our lives.They are available at various sizes, shapes, fashions and fabrics to suit all women.

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This blog is going to be a brief overview on the various kinds of bras that are available today in the market. There are lacy delicate ones to the minimizer that are made with great effort to take care of the problems of the women.

If we have to think about all the inner garments or the options we might come across while bra online shopping there are five main divisions- the classics, the functionals the enhancers the novelties and the new-fangled.

This will help you have a better idea about the bras and help u in choosing the best kind for you.

The Classics

1) Training bra
2) Full-cup bra
3) Demi-cup bra
4) Underwired bra
5) Soft-cup bra
6) Strapless bra
7) Racer back bra

The Functionals

1) Sports bra
2) Maternity bra
3) Nursing bra
4) Mastectomy bra

The Enhancers

1) Padded bra
2) Push-up bra
3) Minimizer bra
4) Bridal bra

The Novelties
1) Shelf bra