The 10 Commandments Of Online Lingerie Shopping In India

The saying goes: ‘Clothes make a man….’ But when women are concerned ‘Good lingerie makes a woman’. Irrespective of a woman’s age, good lingerie will always be an important part of her life.
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21st century customers are smarter and more aware than earlier.

The old habits of visiting the local retail store and buying lingerie are now replaced with online shopping. Women prefer to buy lingerie online in India.

Online lingerie stores of India have abundance of products to choose from but women are at times afraid of buying from them.

This is because they come across several questions like which size to choose?

Which colour? What shape will flatter their body the most? All this questions will be answered if you follow a list of rules. They will guide to buying the awesome lingerie.

The 10 golden rules that will lead you securely to the best lingerie:

Rule#1: Know your measurements

It is of utmost importance to know your measurements. A bra that fits perfectly will enhance your appearance. Online lingerie stores have ‘bra size calculators’. They guide and find you the proper size and the cuts that will flatter you.

Rule#2: Your cups should be in the front and centre

If your cups are sagging and pushed towards the side it is not your perfect fit.

Rule#3: The should fit firmly around your frame

90% of the support and stability is achieved from a perfectly fitting bra. So if it doesn’t fit, it isn’t the one for you.

Rule#4: Material stretching capacity

Check the description provided for the bra. Capacity to stretch depends on the amount of lycra used in the material.
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Rule#5: Seams

It is important to notice the seam lines while you buy lingerie in India. Try seamless or smooth cup bras for wearing beneath the t-shirts of fitted tops.

Rule#6: Nude bra is a must have

For all your whites and sheer dresses a nude bra is a must. So choose a nude bra that matches your skin colour the best.

Exotic lingerie collections are good to look for if you are looking for sensual cuts and designs.

Rule#7: Bigger cup sizes do not mean bigger size for bands

Cup sizes vary and can be up to ‘KK’ size (may be even more). Heavier busts need better support. Wider back and shoulder straps are a must.

Rule#8:Opt for quality than quantity

Investing in a good quality bra is clever. Low quality bras will wear out faster and will be very uncomfortable too.BH-Sitz_NEW_buegel
Rule#9: Be very careful while choosing the strapless bra

It is advisable for a girl bigger than D cups to avoid strapless bras. Choose a bra that has silicon or latex inner linings which provide some grip and support.

Rule#10: Always follow the care instructions

The bras will last for a long time if they are cared for. Wash them in a bra bag in the machine which will keep your bra as good as new for years.

Shopping from online lingerie stores in India will be easy when these points will be kept in mind. So girls don’t be afraid buy some exotic lingerie for yourself.