5 Types Of Bikini Every Woman Should Own

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A bikini is basically women’s two-piece swimsuit consisting of one cloth which is used to cover her breasts , very similar like a bra and a cloth similar to a panty which covers the pelvis and hips. There are different type of bikinis in different shapes and sizes. Some are full coverage while some are extremely low coverage. These bikinis include basic bikinis which are the traditional one that provides full coverage and skimpy ones like string bikinis. A lot of woman is shy to go shop for bikinis offline. They prefer to do bikini online shopping in India. It saves time and efforts as well. There are a lot more variety available online. However, there are five awesome type of bikinis that every woman should own.

Here are the 5 types of bikini every woman should have –

  • Basic is a must: Every woman should own the traditional basic bikini set. A basic bikini includes something similar to a tube bra and bottom that can be undone with srings. Basic bikinis provide full coverage. Before buying any other bikini, a woman should buy oe pair of basic bikini first.
  • Multi-colored bikini: For the ones, who love fun and quirky styles, multi-colored bikini is a must. A multi colored bikini has a lot of colors and will instantly lift up your mood in a dull day. You can also mix and match multi colored bikinis with other pairs as well.
  • Halter back bikini: A halter back bikini looks very appealing and sexy. It has a certain charm to it and looks very elegant. Halter backs never go out of trend. This is definitely a must in your bikini collection.
  • Padded bikini: Like every woman should own padded bras, they should also own padded bikinis. If you want to add a little more volume to your delicate areas while hitting the beach this summer, then you should definitely get a bright neon padded bikini.
  • Three piece bikini set: A lot of women are shy to wear two pieces bikini. They can be insecure about something but still have this hidden desire to sport a sexy bikini in and look confident in it. For these girls, a three piece bikini set it perfect. Three piece bikini set comes with a bikini top, bikini bottom and a top or wrap to cover up. They also make bikini bottoms that look like skirt or shorts. So, shyness won’t let you stay away from bikinis.

These are the five type of bikinis that every woman should definitely should own. You can also glam up your bikinis by accesorizing with different things. You can shop for lingerie accesories online. Whether accesories or the bikinis mentioned above, your one stop store to get the best quality products at an affordable price and amazing designs is Lalingerie.